Team Archippus Takeaways: Lay Leng & Siew Hoon

More than just going to Kidapawan City to serve and give, Team Archippus also learnt and received much. Be encouraged by their reflections as they moved on kingdom assignment for Jesus.

Tan Lay Leng

“My Hallelujah Highlights …

K – Kingdom Team I love Team Archippus. 10 of us are from different churches but we come together as one body to declare one message in Kidapawan City – wake up Archippus, know what God has asked you to do and  go do it!

I – Inspired I had the privilege to sit in a meeting where the leaders of Singapore and the Philippines shared their heartbeat for the kingdom of God. Their faithfulness in the midst of ministry challenges inspired me. The LORD reminded me that when we remain faithful, He will open doors for us.

D – Dessert Over halo-halo I bonded with my teammates. Over the marang fruit, I bonded with my new-found friend Ps Zaldie. Don’t despise the dynamos of desserts. Haha.

A – Archippuses Arise! When I was facilitating the group discussions, I was encouraged to hear our Filipino brethren’s sharing that reflected understanding of the Archippus Awakening message and a desire to stay aligned with the King and His kingdom.

P – Preaching @ Paco AG Prayer  partners in SG prayed and God anointed my lips as I declared His word. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

A – Archippian Journey Having shared my Archippian journey several times, I had told the LORD I was getting bored with myself! After quickly repenting, I rallied prayers. When I was sharing it again, I could sense myself soaring under God’s anointing. God is teaching me it’s about Him and His heart for His people. It may be the same journey but it came out of my mouth differently because of God’s love for the hearers. Only He knows how He wants to encourage hearts. We remain faithful. Amen.

W – Wonderful Hospitality Team Philippines extended unmatchable hospitality towards us. I’ve been much blessed!

A – Archippus! Awakened Aligned Assigned! Our Filipino brethren learnt quickly to use these words. I’m heartened by their simple obedience to God.

N – New Excitement Hallelujah for all that He has done. There’s a new seed of excitement in my heart for what He has in store for Archippus Awakening.”

Toh Siew Hoon

“I would like to summarize my experience in Kidapawan Trip with AAA …

Amazed: (1) I’m Amazed by the hunger of the people in KCAG Church (young & old).  They received the ‘AAA’ message very well and are eager to know how to apply it and move on; (2) The Amazing unity of our SG team. We were sent out to preach and share testimonies. We were of the same heart beat and our messages were powerful; and, (3) I’m Amazed by the warm hospitality that the Filipino friends offered. Indeed friendship was forged between us and KCAG, Paco AG, House of Praise AG and Kamarahan AG.

Awesome: (1)The Awesome God was with us throughout the trip, enabling and empowering each one by His amazing grace; and, (2) Carrying out my assignment (sharing devotion and testimonies) was just Awesome. I had a real taste of what it is like in AO (Area of Operation).

Authentic: Got to taste (and see) some of the Authentic food of Philippines. The lechon, marang, bbq chicken and halo halo were delicious. The Filipino friends say the balut is a ‘must try’ but I just didn’t have the courage to try it.”

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