End of School Zone. Works Ahead.

This is too good not to share.

A few days earlier, I posted Works Ahead (please read this first and then come back to this article). The article was extracted from my May 2017 Newsletter, reminding believers that there are works ahead, kingdom assignments, for each and every one.

Yesterday, on the way to another kingdom assignment, another one of these signs catches my attention again … but with a slight twist. Unlike others which I have seen, this was placed near the ground. I looked a little higher and saw the sign above: “End of School Zone.”

Did you get that? Put together, these two signs are declaring: End of School of Zone. Works Ahead.

Some years back, someone approached me after service. She was sincerely seeking my advice as to what she should be doing for the Lord. Enthusiastically, she rattled off an impressive list of courses she had already attended, one after another. Clearly, she desired to be trained and equipped for ministry. I then asked her where she sensed the Lord was leading and what He might have prepared for her. Without hesitation, she announced that she had signed up for another course.

As a teacher, I am all for continual learning and upgrading. In Singapore, we are spoilt for choice where it comes to such training offerings. As I noted in the article The Believer’s Conference Survival Guide, “There is no shortage of conferences and seminars in our sunny island state!” The question remains: What are we doing with all we have received?! Do we really think that our certificates and conference name tags can be exchanged for rewards when Jesus returns?

Once again, as with the Works Ahead sign, could the Lord be sending us an even more precise message?

If Works Ahead reminds us of the task, then End of School Zone reminds us that it is time to be going about that task! There is a time to learn, and there is a time to put into practice what has been learnt! At some point in our spiritual walk, we come to the end of a school zone. Most certainly, we are to expect works ahead and we must be getting on to our kingdom assignments. Make no mistake! We are still learning, but in a totally different way, at a totally different level!
Would you like to discover your kingdom assignment? Stop hoping to find it in the next course, seminar or school.

Preachers, teachers and lecturers can guide and direct you. But if these are doing their assignments correctly, all they are doing is pointing you to Jesus. He is the One you should be following and learning from. He is the King from Whom you will receive your kingdom assignments.

End of School Zone. Works Ahead.

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