AWE2020: All Gears for Our King!

AWE2020: All Gears for Our King!

Yvonne Lim

The Aligning WeekEnd (AWE2020) came and ended with gusto! By God’s grace, more than 200 participants from different nations, churches and walks of life zoomed in from the comforts of their homes, with the sole yearning to be awakened, aligned and assigned for King Jesus. Over 5 webinar teaching sessions in one public holiday weekend, many heard and received the teachings by Ps Henson, formed kingdom connections and were encouraged by Spirit-led sharing and exchanges (affectionately referred to as “AHA!” moments).

Without further ado, here are a few highlights of AWE2020.

Down to the Essentials

“Same same but different” is my summary for AWE2020 after attending it for the second time. The COVID-19 pandemic has remodeled how ministries are run and operated. Similarly, this year saw the very first #awe2020zoom, although the purpose of the event remained undeterred; in fact, even sharpened. No shopping in Batam, no spa, no hotel buffets (I sure miss the comforts of the hotel room); just the teachings of the Kingdom, and a revisit into the Alignment Check framework A-R-E-A (Alignment-Refinement-Empowerment-Assignment).  Indeed, we are realigning ourselves by going back to the fundamentals of the Kingdom.

Right from the very first webinar session, I felt a chasmic sense of repentance as the Spirit convicted me of my misalignments, and yet a strong adornment of love that could only come from our Father.

As Ps Henson went through the four traits of an Archippus, I was reminded that although I am a “nobody”, the Lord knows me by name and He has an assignment for me. My identity is rooted in the Lord Jesus Christ and not based on definitions that come from the world or even myself. Indeed, the Lord has called and invited me to participate in His kingdom. Everything I do is for the glory of God. I was awakened that I need to be vigilant and diligent in my aligning process with God, by seeking the Lord for who He is, and not by who I want Him to be!

Celebrating Kingdom Successes

One segment I particularly enjoyed is the Archippian stories shared by fellow Archippuses. Through their stories, we heard from first-hand experiences how the Lord graciously showed His servants their misalignments and did not stop there. The Archippuses’ alignment process saw them being transformed and renewed in their minds to focus on Him, even as He moved them on their assignments.

Although these Archippuses are “almost anonymous”, they are nothing less or more in the Kingdom of God. I take courage that the message of Archippus Awakening is not something obscure, but all of us can know our place and role in the kingdom regardless of who and where we are! The empowerment by the Spirit is not only reserved for the “spiritual elites”, but also for all of us who have the desire to be awakened, aligned and assigned to fulfill His Kingdom purposes! I believe that these sharings were also great encouragement to all believers, who find themselves in constant aligning and re-aligning throughout years of following our King.

All Gears for Our King!

Toward the end of the webinar sessions, Ps Henson emphasized that although the Alignment Check framework was designed to be systematic, it is actually a very “messy” process. Using the gear system as an analogy, he said that when one aspect of our alignment shifts, the other aspects will be adjusted accordingly. Sure enough, a few members in my breakout group session shared how the teachings have brought about “paradigm shifts”, which will impact their perspectives in multifaceted aspects of Kingdom! Praise the Lord! To quote my group facilitator Lay Leng, “Alignment Check is not to condemn us of our misalignments, but to show how great our God is!”

As the euphoria of #awe2020zoom drains off over the next few days or weeks, I make a resolve to hold fast to the Word of God, and not fall back into slumber, keeping in mind that this webinar is an assembly area for the Lord to train me, but I ultimately have my race to run. I know that it is not an easy process, and I will wait upon the Lord and depend on His empowerment with my eyes fixed on Jesus!

In his book Alignment Check (pg 291), Ps Henson writes, “Our faith is marked not only by mere agreement with the Word of God, but also total obedience to the Word of God.” As we have reached the end times, let us align our hearts with His kingdom purposes, and may He use us in our areas of influence.

To all my fellow Archippuses, “Jiayou” (Press On!), and let’s run the race together.

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