I Am Archippus! Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.

AAA Webinar with Full Gospel Assembly Singapore
Reported by Tan Lay Leng

It puts a smile on my face. A freshly commissioned Archippus, Audrey Tong from Full Gospel Assembly Singapore (FGA) ended her reflection on the AAA webinar with these words, “Let me confidently say “I am Archipppus. Awakened, Aligned, Assigned.”

At the AAA webinar (30-31 May, 4-6 June 2020), Ps Susheel, Sister Amara, Gideon and Rani on Team Archippus ended their Archippian stories with those words. It is a little Archippian flavour to the story, if you like.

Stay-at-home-mum Audrey savoured it! Her excitement spilled over when she wrote that she has been awakened to her parenthood being an assignment, not glamorous but glorious! She also echoed the hearts of more than 200 participants at the AAA webinar when she wrote, “All the sessions were filled with truth bombs that simultaneously soothed my restlessness and fuelled the desire to dig deeper and come into alignment. While the teachings were profound, the group breakout discussions brought more meaning to the impact and applications.”

Speaking of impact and applications, we thank God for answering the prayers of many as we partnered FGA to plan towards the seminar. On 26 May 2020, 5 days before the webinar, Ps Angeline shared that God dropped this scripture into Aunty Naomi’s heart as Team FGA was praying for the seminar:

And He said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.”
Revelation 21:6

Drink we did from God, as Ps Henson poured his heart out throughout the webinar, teaching and answering many questions. From #iamarchippus to being #jesusready and challenging us to be #warhorses and to #goforgold, Ps Henson exhorted his #fellowsoldiers to be awakened and aligned towards kingdom assignments.

God has begun a conversation with many ones, breaking mindsets after mindsets with questions after questions. Did you know that busyness is not fruitfulness? What is readiness? Is it not faithfulness? Are you a showhorse or a warhorse? Life is not a race. The biblical race is your kingdom assignment. How then are you running in our race? Are you going for gold?

While the questions have stirred in many hearts to be awakened towards alignment and assignment, Marianne Lim has been impacted by this statement made by Ps Henson during the AAA Webinar:: “To be assigned, we need to be aligned and awakened. Open your heart to the heartbeat of God.” 

The Lord has impressed upon her that she should align her will to His will and not her own. She has found new courage to step out to share with people whom God led to her path. She testified of how she has recently encouraged a Christian friend with what she has learned on being aligned and being faithful when assigned.

The rigorous group discussions had many begun to ask what their kingdom assignment is. On wanting to discover our kingdom assignment, Ps Henson never fails to exhort us, “Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.” Sue-Ann put it this way in her Archippian story, “Behold God first, minister to Him first. Real love to God of course involves letting yourself become refined in His image -alignment.”

Perhaps we can identify with Denton who shared in his Archippian story not to ignore the tugging in our heart. God may be inviting us to co-labour with Him in a kingdom assignment. As for Denise, the one thing that really hit her was it is pointless to be busy with ten things but miss the one thing that God has assigned to us! While the AAA webinar might have ended with Ps Henson answering many questions during an added half-an hour bonus Q&A session, God is not finished with the work He has begun in awakened hearts. Let us spur one another on to stay awake, and not fall back to slumber.

I am Archippus. Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.

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