Renewed Joy in Alignment Check!

Julius Regala

It has been such a blessing to be part of the Archippian journey. I am so grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to continually grow in Him through this. Indeed, the Lord uses the equipping of Walk-Through-Say-To-Archippus to awaken me to the awakening context and the misalignments that I have in my personal life as well as in the ministry that God has entrusted to me.

Through the life of Pastor Henson together with his enthusiastic Singapore Archippus team, I was awakened and eventually began to discover my misalignments and what caused them. I came to realize some of the reasons I was having a difficult and challenging time in growing the church.

I was made aware that some activities that I have implemented were merely “a church programme” and not in line with my kingdom assignment. I thanked God for His revelation to me through the training with Archippus Awakening. I am convicted that it is very important that I should know my specific kingdom assignment. I also learned that identifying our misalignments does not mean that we are aligned. I have to ask the Holy Spirit to help me even as I work on it in order for me to be realigned. 

Archippus Awakening as a whole, really made an impact in me but one of the aspects that gave me a huge impact is discovering that God has a specific calling in my life that I really need to know and to make sure that I faithfully finish. This is the kingdom assignment given to me by God. Through this strong revelation, I can say that a great change has taken place in my view of the ministry I am involved in. It has given me more joy and excitement as to what the Lord will do as I fulfill my kingdom assignment for His glory. I can really testify that God is now working progressively to reveal to me my misalignments as I humbly submit my will to His will. 

The moment that I discovered and knew my kingdom assignment, I became more focused, motivated by love and calmness. I also became more purposeful and aware in everything I do now in connection with “church work” that has become “kingdom work”. It also helped make my work easier in the sense that I am now doing things – my assignments – that gave me a sense of fulfillment. When you hit the right target, being “anything but aimless”, you reveal Christ where you are planted, church growth is guaranteed, and God’s kingdom purposes are fulfilled. 

Talking about the kingdom of God and the kingdom assignment has become my primary focus because I am really convinced that the Archippus Awakening message is the end-time kingdom message that every believer must know and embrace. Our King has invited us to be part of advancing the kingdom of God. This end-time Archippus Awakening message should be preached and taught to the world. I am getting more excited where the Lord my King will bring me further in and through my Archippian journey.

Dear Archippus…

“Truth be told,” writes Henson in Alignment Check, “we all struggle with alignment. And as quickly as we think we are rather in sync with God, we discover another aspect to address.”

Indeed, alignment check is an ongoing process, a constant checking of alignment, as we posture to partner Jesus and the work of His kingdom. Julius’ journey has been an awakening and a corresponding aligning. This must be so, awakening and aligning, awakening and aligning, awakening and aligning, and then, at the right time, the assigning happens!

About Julius

Julius is married to Roszel and they have two children. He serves as a pastor at Kingdom Life Butuan and one of his passions is biking with his fellow pastors.