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Archippus Awakening is not a ‘church’. That said, we do and will gather as a community of like-minded believers, fully convinced of our roles and assignments in the Kingdom of God.

From time to time, there will be Awakening Events (AWEs) where Archippuses assemble to celebrate what God is doing, to stay updated and sensitive to end-time events and to encourage one another to remain faithful in our assignments.

AWEs can be organised in various forms. From regular celebratory assemblies, to encounter weekends, silent retreats, seminars and conferences, the objective remains the same: to awaken as many in the Body of Christ that these would identify themselves as Archippuses to know and fulfil their God-given Kingdom assignments.

Alternatively, churches and ministries can also invite Henson to speak at their own camps, retreats or meetings. Feel free to contact us for a discussion on how we can partner and co-labour with you.

I have personally learnt that the Alignment is more crucial and that if we are aligned, then whatever assignment will follow. The reminder to discern between an assignment and an activity is crucial especially when many tend to just keep busy and wear busyness as a badge.
Jeann Woo
Living Waters Methodist Church
‘Focus on the Aligning, Let God do the Assigning!’ That put a name to the problem I had been facing! I didn’t realise that I had fallen into the common trap of feeling a false sense of fulfilment from being busy for God, doing many Christian activities, yet still feeling a sense of spiritual dryness inside.
Choo Li Min
All Saints Presbyterian Church
In every session I learned some new things. I thought I am awakened, aligned and assigned as I am already in ministry field serving the Lord. But when I started hearing your sessions, I realised that I am not doing the ministry in a right way.
Pastor Philip Yeluri
Hallelujah Ministries India

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