"Awakened Aligned Assigned" Seminar Videos


Archippus Awakening’s Very Own One-Day Seminar

This one-day seminar was first held on 3 December 2016 at Sengkang Methodist Church. Organised as a free event, the objective was to reach as many as possible, so that the message of Archippus Awakening can be shared more widely across the Body of Christ. The final count was 309, representing 84 local churches. [Read Full Report]
Even so, there are many more who were not able to join us at the seminar, not just from Singapore, but from other parts of the world too. To this end, we have made the FIVE SESSIONS freely available for your viewing and learning:
1. ANOTHER AWAKENING: Who is Archippus?
2. STAYING AWAKE: Ready & Prepared
3. WHAT’S IN A NAME?: Enough Horsing Around
5. FINISH THE RACE: Go for Gold
These teachings are foundational, and will give you a good overview of what Archippus Awakening is all about, and what it means for you, as an Archippus, to know and fulfil your God-given kingdom assignment.
For church and ministry leaders: If you’d like to declare the message of Archippus Awakening, I stand ready to partner you. This series will give you a good idea of the topics that will be covered. Seminars, retreats or camps can be structured accordingly to suit your needs and theme. Understandably, at our one-day event, we did not have time for discussion and processing. This would be a key aspect to consider for better and deeper engagement.

My prayer is that these sessions will provide the impetus necessary for you to be one that is awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom! Additionally, read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS or its Chinese edition, 要对亚基布说, for a fuller picture. The second book, ALIGNMENT CHECK, provides practical handles on how to focus on the aligning, letting God do the assigning. Plug in to KINGDOM101 TEACHINGS to revisit kingdom foundations. Consider our 3D2N Awakening Events to assemble and check alignment alongside like-minded Archippuses.
Thanks for your prayers, partnership and support as Archippus Awakening continues to serve the Body of Christ, to stand with kingdom leaders, and to stir and awaken the saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments.
In His name and for His glory!