Radical Change in Preaching and Teaching

Rey Sanico

As I journeyed through Walk-Through-Say-To-Archippus (STA), an equipping by Archippus Awakening to grasp the understanding of the awakening context, my desire to mobilize God’s people for the harvest of souls was confirmed and affirmed. To see God’s people awakened, aligned and assigned to their kingdom assignments has become my passion and joy in serving the Lord and the body of Christ.

God reminded me through this STA journey to focus on the King and His kingdom agenda. It is such a joy to serve with only His agenda and not mine. I have also been reminded to see my people as a kingdom-army prepared and ready for every battle and assignment. We are like horses ready for the race and battle to advance the kingdom of God. With this fresh perspective I have received in ministering to people, I am encouraged to raise and train more workers of the Lord to become fellow soldiers ready to be released and sent out to fulfill their kingdom assignments.

The Archippus Awakening message has really changed my way of thinking and doing my ministry – my kingdom assignment – 180-degrees turn-around! Not only has my vision been broadened to see my church and ministry grow, but I have also developed a deeper yearning to see many Archippuses, “ordinary believers”, released into their kingdom assignments.

It is no longer about me, my church, my ministry but the growth and expansion of the kingdom by awakening, aligning and helping God’s people to know their assignments and place them so they can be effective and productive in fulfilling them.

My preaching, teaching and mentoring of God’s people have been radically changed. In all my messages, I always make it a priority to deliver the importance of knowing and fulfilling kingdom assignments and being faithful to their assignments till the end. By that, I mean that we need to finish well, strong and victorious. I always remind myself and God’s people that readiness at the coming of the Lord means faithfulness in what God has assigned to us. Jesus is my reward and rewarder.

I am Archippus, awakened, aligned and assigned for the King and His kingdom.   

Dear Archippus…

Henson explains in Say To Archippus, “The name Archippus is made up of two Greek words. The first, archos, means ‘chief ’, ‘principal’ or ‘master’; as in architect (archi + tekton), meaning ‘chief builder’. The second, hippos, means ‘horse’, as in its extended usage ‘hippopotamus’, which literally means ‘river horse’. Put archos and hippos together and we get ‘chief horse’ or ‘master of horses’.”

He also writes that he believes there will also be an awakening of horses of an Archippian breed that will be sent out to fulfil their assignments.

Truly, this is no longer the time to be horsing around anymore. Let’s get serious, dear Archippus. Awake and arise to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfil it

About Rey L. Sanico

Pastor Rey Sanico is Pastor of New Life in Christ Fellowship, Agusan Pequeno Ministries in Butuan Philippines. He is married to his beautiful wife Cecile Sanico and they have two children Christopher Rey and Desirey Sanico.