Prayer Assignments Birthed in My Workplace

Poh Soon Hin

Life was in order, but there is always an emptiness in my heart. Having been a Christian for more than 25 years now, I thought I was a good one. I faithfully attend Sunday church services and small group meetings and fulfil my duty to serve ‘Bread and Cup’ at the Lord’s table.

Then, several years ago, the Lord excited me when He placed me in a job to lead a team to start a factory in partnership with the Israelis. I felt strongly that there was finally purpose in my life. He was bringing me to the Holy Land! The two-year project was successfully accomplished but I never exactly figured out what His plan for me was.

In the year 2016, my wife encouraged me to attend the AWE2016 (Awakening Event), an initiative of Archippus Awakening. Coming from a traditional church background, I was sceptical initially but nevertheless obliged. I walked away from the event in awe of God. It was an awakening event for me to ‘retreat’ and gather to Jesus with many like-minded saints from different churches, to ‘regain’ my perspectives and alignment with Him and to ‘recommit’ myself to serve the King. These new perspectives helped me to discern between church activities and kingdom assignments.

I started to seek God faithfully. God directed my heart to start where I was. The emptiness in my heart was filled with a burden to see more believers in my workplace to be awakened, aligned and assigned for God’s kingdom purpose. I was prompted by the Lord to start prayer groups and share the good news to non-believers whenever opportunity arises. In moving on this assignment, I found myself struggling and encountering numerous disappointments.

Last year, I attended the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP). I realized that there were many misalignments in my approach and posture towards my assignment at my workplace. I had been doing it just like another ‘secular’ task, without thinking much of partnering with the Holy Spirit.

It was so easy to rely on my own strength and experience as I moved on an assignment. Unless the Lord empowers me by His Holy Spirit, I can achieve nothing of kingdom and eternal value. The A-R-E-A (Alignment-Refinement-Empowerment-Assignment) framework I learnt at MAP helped me understand that His empowerment comes from working from a posture of rest. I begin to build a regular routine to read His word, pray His kingdom and let the Holy Spirit take charge as I begin my work at office every day.

As a result, I have witnessed God’s blessings. Today, the factory set up years ago has tripled in size and so have the prayer groups. We are more kingdom-minded in our prayer fellowships and I begin to rely on the Holy Spirit more and more as I pray for my staff who are in sickness or distress.

I thank God that I am now able to see His assignments for me. He opened my eyes to see that when I focus on aligning with Him, He will do the assigning.

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”
Colossians 3:17

Dear Archippus…

Ps Henson writes in his book Alignment Check, “Do not move on your kingdom assignment without the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to come upon you, to empower you. Ask boldly.”

Every kingdom initiative is a spiritual exercise that requires spiritual empowerment.  Be led, be filled, be aligned with the Holy Spirit.

What is the Holy Spirit asking you to do that you may experience more of His enablement and empowerment?

About Soon Hin

Soon Hin is married to Siew Hoon and they have two sons. His desire is to see more saints being awakened, aligned and assigned for God and His purposes. Soon Hin helps out in organising Awakening Events.