Pray For. Sow In. Show Up.

By Tan Lay Leng

Brother TF punctuates his sentences with laughter. Ever since I have known him, that has been how he is like, and I know it is the genuine joy of the Lord. This joy of the Lord strengthens him as he goes places with Him. Today Brother TF travels to different nations to preach the gospel, pray for the sick as he partners with the Holy Spirit. 

Faithful Stewardship in Church 

As Brother TF sowed faithfully in his local church, the Lord led him step by step to where he is today. Brother TF used to facilitate discipleship, spiritual giftings  and Alpha sessions at his local church. He was willing to serve in any capacity he could. So, when an opportunity arose to help rebuild homes for earthquake victims in Chile, he jumped on it. That was his first overseas missions work in the year 2010. The following years, he found himself making trips after trips as doors opened for him. But Brother TF would always remember a deep encounter with the Lord at a church camp in 2012; and then at a church service after, he responded to the altar call for missions, weeping uncontrollably. Then in 2013, the Lord impressed on him during one of his overseas missions with these words, “I have called you to missions.” Brother TF responded to the call to nations and gave up his own business to travel full-time for the Lord.

On Kingdom Assignments: Pray For. Sow In. Show Up.

While on kingdom assignments, Brother TF remains faithful to obey as the Spirit leads him. This has, however, not been easy. Crossing cultures poses its challenges. He would tell you stories after stories of unexpected changes on the missions field. While he has adjusted his heart to be ready for anything and trust God, he has to manage the expectations of those who are in the team with him, as well as those who are hosting them.

We Singaporeans know only too well how to plan but do we know how to respond with grace when things do not go as planned? We have expectations how missions should be conducted and how God should show up. We have expectations how time should be honoured. Brother TF learnt quickly to set his teammates’ expectations as he sets his heart fixed on joy in the Lord. Witnessing how God shows up and touches countless different lives grants Brother TF countless joy. He holds on to his conviction that his role is to ‘pray for’, ‘sow in’ and ‘show up’ where God is. God will more than do His part to show up and perform His works. Beaming with joy, Brother TF says. “It can be the same act of God but I see it happening on different people, at different places, and that gives me tremendous joy.”

Word of Encouragement for Readers 

These are words of encouragement from Brother TF for those on kingdom assignments in cross-cultural settings: “We will always be more blessed by them than we think we are going to bless them. Do not think that we have something better to offer or that we have something to give. Often times, they have more to give us. Be empowered by God to love. First receive God’s love before you are able to love. Be prepared for changes, expect surprises. While on kingdom assignments, misalignments will surface. When refinement comes, embrace God’s work in our hearts so that we may be transformed to be more Christlike. We are never fully ready. Sometimes, it takes a step of obedience. Be faithful in small things, do not despise small beginnings. Do what God wants us to do and greater clarity will come.”

Dear Archippus…
Perhaps you have been wondering what your kingdom assignment is. Henson Lim writes in his book Alignment Check, “Be fully convinced that when you do your part, God will do more than His part to direct you.” Be faithful to steward your present assigned field. As you focus on the aligning, God will do the assigning.

About TF Lim
Brother TF has one wonderful wife and two precious children. He likes to eat, he likes to have a good laugh and he likes to meet and make new friends.