Walking Out Her Assignment

Susan Fong

Interviewed by Lay Leng

As Susan remains faithful in stewarding what God has placed in her hands, God entrusts kingdom assignments for His glory. Her current God-given kingdom assignment is to walk through with people, as a coach, their experience and support them in the issue they would like to talk about. She calls this Walk & Talk.

Confessing to be a patient listener (she is!), Susan has a heart to be a spiritual companion to others, to see God’s love connect hearts. Before she moved on her current assignment, God has prepared her to work with people through her role as a corporate trainer.

Referring to coaching, Susan says, “It has always been in my heart to do this. Like the Holy Spirit who comes alongside us, I want to come alongside someone, one on one, and journey with her.”

Many have testified how they have received kingdom assignments when God pressed the pause button during this pandemic period and Susan is one of them. As she was taking her own walks with the Lord, talking with Him and taking stock of what He was saying to her – through journaling – a desire to establish Walk & Talk was birthed.

God kept confirming this desire through the many devotional moments Susan spent with Him. She reflected that in the year 2015, God began to put ladies in her life for her to be the balm to fill the “holes in their heart”. Being a spiritual companion to women has been close to Susan’s heart. In her quietly excitable way, Susan showed me screenshots of her devotional readings that God used to get her attention:

“Prayer: Lead me, O Lord, to abide in Your presence always, so that my daily walk and talk will be pleasing to You…”

“We can also encourage her to rejoice in His creation. Go for a hike. Linger over the small things….”

“Our Daily Bread: Yes, friends are important, but fellow companions in Christ are catalysts of a true and deep joy…”

At the same time, what she was reading in the Straits Times was also screaming for attention. In these trying times, people were going for walks to relieve stress. This increased her determination to set this time apart for Walk & Talk and walk the distance together with women who need a spiritual companion.

Describing how Walk & Talk works, Susan says, “When we go to a park to walk, our senses are heightened to receive from God. I encourage the ladies to just listen and receive during that walk alone with God and when I later process it with them in an hour of conversation. People need to have a regular habit of walking and talking with God, taste what it is like until it becomes so natural to do it anywhere and anytime.”

God has put in Susan’s heart that no one should walk alone when she received the world 伴 (companion) in her dream.  We are easily distracted with lots of good teachings but it is so important to spend time with God. In April 2021, Walk & Talk kickstarted and God sent two ladies to sign up for this initiative. Susan marvelled at God’s grace when she discovered that she and the ladies have things and experiences in common. She believed it was a “God-set-up” for connections to form. Today she has walked with several women and one of them testified, “It was a wonderful walk revelling in the Lord’s glory and experiencing in a small way what is written in Psalms 19:1. I am again comforted knowing that God knows each of us so intimately and meets us where we are. He gives each of us a very special personal revelation that encourages, exhorts and edifies. Praise the Lord for a morning of His Close, Blessed Presence.”

Dear Archippus…

Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Whether activity or assignment, our faithfulness prepares us for the next item on God’s kingdom agenda (not ours). An athlete listens to his coach as to the races he should focus on. A good soldier is ready to be deployed, whenever and wherever. At the right time, orders and instructions will come.”

Like Susan does, recognize that your part is to posture, hear and obey. Start where you are. But be ready to move when the Lord says to move.

About Susan
Susan is married with two millennial children. She believes in work-life harmony and building loving relationships.  She is a family coach with Focus on the Family and serves in the Rose of Sharon ministry for Christian women. She believes every person has potential to be the best God has created them to be. In her free time, she likes taking leisure walks and meeting people. (For further details on Walk & Talk, email Susan B-ready@hotmail.sg)