Seeing Motherhood With a Kingdom Perspective

Toh Siew Hoon

Have you been a Christian for many years and gone through a dry spell? Have you ever wondered why you never seemed to experience victories in your life despite being a ‘good Christian’?  

I have been a Christian for over 30 years. In the past I considered myself a good Christian. I attended church every Sunday, I served in the Children Ministry, I read the Bible and prayed daily.

Yet, when I faced with struggles, I would feel tired and often wanted to quit. After serving in the children ministry week after week for 14 years, I finally quit in the year 2013. 

As a mother of two grown-up sons, I struggled with parenting. There were many challenges when they were growing up and I felt helpless many times. I often let my worries for them overwhelm me. I began to question why there seemed to be no victory in my life despite being a good Christian. That shouldn’t be the way. So I cried out to God for help and He led me to enrol into a course in a School of Ministry where Ps Henson was dean and instructor. The Lord brought understanding of the teaching and learning and put in me a deep hunger to want to know more about Jesus. Towards the end of the course, in year 2014, Ps Henson founded Archippus Awakening and he invited me to help him manage the administrative aspects of events. While doing that, I had the privilege to listen to what the awakening message is all about. It clicked in my spirit. I knew I was awakened. I desired to know what my God-given kingdom assignment is.

During one of the awakening events, an aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening, Ps Henson shared that being a father and a mother is a kingdom assignment. I resonated with this deeply. Later on I went through MAP (Mentoring Aligning Process), another aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening. I learned that I must start with LOVE. I asked God to show me His love and He did. The Holy Spirit gave revelation of who I am in Christ and what has been transacted at the cross, and I learned to appropriate the cross. I started to check my alignment with God too. I realised I was very much misaligned. In the past, I was depending on my own strength and disobeyed God.

After seeing motherhood as a God-given kingdom assignment, my perspective changed completely. I see my children through the eyes of Jesus. I started praying God’s will for them and learned to surrender them to the will of God and to trust Him. I also see my role as a daughter-in-law as my kingdom assignment. As I cook dinner for my parents-in-law, I cook it with love and learn to make sacrifices for them. This really makes a difference. The Lord encourages me that by doing so, I am impacting them for Jesus. My life became purposeful. I am no longer an aimless Christian.

Today, the Lord has opened door for me to help Ps Henson in trumpeting the Archippus Awakening message and I take this as my secondary assignment. I thank God for allowing me to work alongside Ps Henson to awaken many more believers of Jesus so that they will also know and fulfil their kingdom assignments. In his book Alignment Check, Ps Henson writes, “If you are only living for yourself, you will never discover the will of God.” It is very true. 

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” Matthew 7:21

May I encourage you to know the will of the Father and align with Him, and in aligning with Him, He will show you His assignments for you.

Dear Archippus
Why do you serve? How have you been serving? What are the primary motivators? 

Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “ Before we seek an answer to “What is my kingdom assignment?”, we must be clear of something more fundamental: “Why am I even to be on kingdom assignment?” I humbly submit to you it must be because of love. Love is to be , and must be, the basis of our relationship with God; and our kingdom assignments must be the result of that relationship of love. If not, it will quickly turn into a religion of works. And that will have disastrous consequences, yielding the wrong kinds of fruit.”

About Siew Hoon
Siew Hoon has been married to Soon Hin for 27 years.  Through her journey as a homemaker, she has learned to trust God for her family and found herself very much blessed by the Lord. As the children have grown up, she is able to spend more time with her mother and in-laws, being a blessing to them and praying that they turn to Jesus.  She is also on assignment with Archippus Awakening, desiring to see more believers of Christ being awakened, aligned and assigned.