I Am Archippus

Ronald Buule (with Team Uganda, Left to Right: David Victor, Ronald Buule, Samson, Dennis Juuko)

Being an Archippus to me is living each moment of my life in love with King Jesus, leaning daily on Him in every aspect of my life, hearing and fulfilling my God-given assignments.

Since walking through the “Say To Archippus” training with Team Singapore where we understand the Archippus Awakening message more deeply and personally, I have seen the Lord awaken me to be a kingdom-minded father, helping me to be a father, anything but aimless. By His grace and guidance, I teach and model my children into “kingdom children”, redeeming cultures and family backgrounds that are counter to kingdom principles and purposes.

My relationship at home has dynamically changed after realising that my family is actually my first assignment before I look outside for more. When it comes to ministry in my area of operation, my perception of the grace and call of God upon my life has also changed. Today, I know that like Archippus, I am a soldier enlisted for duty regardless of who or what I am. As a soldier in God’s end-time army, I have a mission to accomplish and I do not get entangled in the affairs of the world. I obey my Commander. What He says, goes.

This has taken away my self-pity arising out of my family, financial and education backgrounds. Today, every time I meet with the youths or other church members, the question at hand is “Am I serving my kingdom purpose or is this just an issue of being busy?” The distraction of busyness is no longer an issue for I have learnt to prioritise my personal relationship with King Jesus out of which flows my assignments. It is not about doing more but knowing and doing the will of God.

I have realised that the more I lean on the King and His word, being rested in His love and grace, the more I get to discover myself, see the Lord at work in and through me, and become less anxious of my selfish desires. The King’s agenda becomes more and more mine.

Oh how I pray that the grace of God will sustain me through the thin and thick of my journey with the King that even on the final day, I will appear before the King and hear Him say, “Well done, faithful Archippus, enter into the joy of your King”. Amen.

Dear Archippus…

Pastor Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Archippus may be relatively unknown, but Paul still mentioned him by name. In the same way, God knows and has called each of us by name. We need not be superstars or celebrities to know and fulfil our kingdom assignments.”

Be secure in how God has created and gifted you, and in who you are in Christ.

About Ronald Buule

38-year-old Ronald Buule is married to Martha for seven years with three wonderful children Jireh Promise, Elijah Jordan and Joanna Praise. He has walked with his Lord and King for about 14 years. He is passionate about missions work and work with the youth and young couples.