Awakened to God’s Love

Rina Mia Lim. Interviewed by Tan Lay Leng

Many would have heard of “Streams of Life” or benefitted from this national church live resource center. A name cleverly coined, “Streams of Life” aims to give churches a series of guides on the available tools for services to continue running online. Based on advisories by the Ministry of Health and other relevant government bodies, “Streams of Life” is equipped with different software, tutorials and infographics to help churches set up live streaming.

On board the team at “Streams of Life” is Rina, a volunteer on assignment helping to champion the cause of “Streams of Life” by extending the awareness of the platform through digital marketing; specifically the ideation, strategic as well as monetary contribution.

This may seem a small assignment but God is using “Streams of Life” to form many beautiful kingdom partnerships with many churches as they stream their services ‘live’. At the same time, Rina’s journey of faith in Christ streamed into this kingdom assignment has also brought about challenges. But Rina knows to always run back to the One who is the main Stream of Life and align back with His kingdom purposes.  

While Rina was pursuing answers to the Christian faith, she found the Lord’s relentless love. Two years ago, she became a Christian and since then, she has brought her friends onto the same journey of faith.  

In her own words, she was asking so many questions at one session of the ALPHA course (a series of session to explore the Christian faith) that the facilitator singled her out for a one-on-one session. Little did she know then that one day, she would also be sitting with a friend till 4am to explore the Christian faith. 

Rina is someone who asks questions. She challenges the worldviews of Christianity. She is someone who will not let a systematic argument go. She thrives on a reasoned discourse. It so happened that Christian apologist Josh Mcdowell was in Singapore to do a Reasoned Faith conference and she was invited to go.  

At the conference, from the historical facts and rational explanation presented, Rina found her mind gradually opened to accepting the truth that Jesus is the one true God. From an intellectual acceptance, as the desire to know God deepened over time, the relationship with Him grew and several personal encounters of God’s grace especially through difficult seasons allowed her heart to know God. 

When she was awakened to God’s love for her, Rina began to share this love with her friends and colleagues at her workplace. It has not been easy. Many times she was faced with rejection, animosity and disappointment; it would always be the hardest when it came from people closest to her. 

Rina would run back to God and align with His heart. She would then see that God’s heart is also for her loved ones to know Him in a personal way and have a relationship with Him. Although Rina still faces the real struggle to be accepted and gain approval from others, she has grown to believe that rather than being an agreeable person with worldly beliefs, she will choose to continue to share the gospel with others regardless their response. God is teaching her that her security is in Him and so she continues to focus on aligning with Him. 

Dear Archippus… 
When we are being awakened, it is critical to check alignment before and as we move on our assignments. For those familiar with Archippus Awakening, we know that these three words “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” is what we call an Archippian strategic process. Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Without proper alignment, too many have hurt themselves and the Body of Christ.” Assignments will quickly reveal misalignments. Without an awareness of what to do with these misalignments, we see many veer off course.

About Rina
Rina is an adventure enthusiast and enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, wakeboarding and hiking. She generally enjoys activities that involve nature. She strives to live a telic life and reminds herself of the blessings especially amidst difficulties.