The Search for Archippus

Maria Zandra Jao Senar

In 2019, I was excited too! I was turning 40 in the year 2020, so in the last quarter of 2019, I sought the Lord’s word expectantly for my family and me for the year 2020.

I have received several words already but as I waited upon the Lord, I knew that there was so much more. I pressed in and asked the Lord for more, believing with all my heart that the year 2020 (read it as twenty-twenty) will be a year of double portions for me. December 2019 came by, and I found myself back to the book of Colossians in my Bible reading journey. Casually, I read Colossians 4:17: And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfil it.” I paused and asked myself, “Wait a minute, I already read this before but why does it seem that I don’t know who Archippus is?” So, I asked the Lord, “Who is Archippus and what ministry is Paul referring to?”

Right after that, excitement escalated in my heart and diligently I would do my ‘homework’ to find out who Archippus is and what his ministry is. From flipping pages of my Bible to reading up references and getting the help our friendly Mr. Google, all efforts were in vain. I said to the Lord I would not leave my post until I knew who Archippus is and what his ministry is? As more questions assaulted my mind, I felt that I needed to go and search on Youtube, thinking that maybe, just maybe, there is someone who has taught about Archippus.

I clicked and watched, clicked and watched again several clips until I saw this video of a man with glasses, in a black suit in a typical church setting and he has entitled the video Session 1: “Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?” My heart began to beat so fast that it seemed my search was finally over. I knew who Archippus is! Tears began to roll down my cheeks and by the time the video was over, I was sobbing and weeping at God’s love for me in leading me to end my search and begin an awakening journey with Him. The joy I felt was indescribable and I whispered to the Lord, “Thank You Lord for letting me know that “I AM ARCHIPPUS.” After I had collected myself, I wiped my tears and ran to my husband Steve who was in our hall area, shouting while running, “Tatay!!! (Dad), I know now who Archippus is!” He answered, bewildered, “Archi – what?” So repeatedly, I told him, Archippus, I know who Archippus is that Paul mentioned in Colossians 4:17 and I know my word for 2020! It is “AWAKENING.” I invited Steve to watch the awakening videos on Archippus Awakening website and in response to our hunger and desire, God opened both our eyes! We finished watching the five videos till early morning the next day. We were very blessed to have learned from Ps. Henson about Archippus Awakening

Promptly, I sent an email to Archippus Awakening and thankfully Ps. Henson responded to my email and the rest is history. Today, I can humbly say that although I had my own plans to travel in 2020, the Lord orchestrated everything for me to be able to journey along with different Archippuses not only those in Singapore but from different parts of the world, from the comfort of our home. I have also boarded the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP), an initiative of Archippus Awakening. In the midst of learning what it means to receive Christ to reveal Him, I am enjoying my time with my fellow MAPpers and mentors.

One kingdom assignment I have received from God is to go on “livestreaming” to share Christian living, and the message of Archippus Awakening has impacted me to share it with kingdom perspectives.

And so, my Archippian journey continues, aligning myself to Christ to be able to fulfil my kingdom assignment. To God be all the glory.

Dear Archippus…

The beautiful thing about Archippus is that he is mentioned only twice in the Bible (Colossians 4:17; Philemon 2). Yes, he is almost anonymous and yet mentioned by name! Henson writes in Say To Archippus, “This is the season for ‘nameless’ saints to arise and yet each is intimately known by the Heavenly Father. I believe that the days of spiritual celebrities and superstars are over.” Amen.

In these last days, God will raise up the common man and woman to do great and extraordinary things in and through them. These are the Archippuses of our day who will know their assignments and be obedient to fulfil them!

Archippus! Who, me? Yes, you! Do you truly know your God and your assignment?

About Maria

Maria is married to Steve and they have three children. She laughs heartily, weeps easily and loves deeply!