I Started Running Again

Kintu Samson

God told me one day about healing the sick. Kintu Samson is a kind of person whom when God spoke, would begin to work towards it. One day someone called to pray for someone who was sick so I went to pray for her. I obeyed what God said because I was sure God has called me in this healing ministry and I was so sure the person was going to get healed. Unfortunately, after two days, she passed on. I felt so bad and said inside of me I would never pray for the sick again because I could not stand another disappointment.

Little did I know that God would be speaking to me about my disappointment through this biblical character Archippus whom I could immediately identify with.

It all started when my friend Juuko Dennis invited me to join him for an equipping session by Archippus Awakening. Juuko Dennis happened to be my teacher in the Bible college and after attaining my diploma, I was recruited as a trainer in that same Bible college that I may help in training others in different countries like Rwanda and Burundi.

During one of the equipping sessions to walk through Say To Archippus, the book written by Henson Lim, we came to understand the verse Colossians 4:17 more deeply.

And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfil it.” Colossians 4:17

Pastor Henson suggested in his book that there may be four scenarios about Archippus and his ministry. I found that my situation exactly fit one of the scenarios: Archippus knows his ministry, was faithful once, but had slackened or stopped.

Like Archippus, I was discouraged and disappointed and Paul was writing to him not to be lulled back into slumber when his assignment has yet to be fulfilled. I could not believe that God was speaking to me loud and clear. I had stopped doing what God has asked me to due to disappointments. At the same time, I began to recognise that I used to attend conferences, seminars and felt awakened to go back to do what the Lord instructed me to but I would end up falling into church activities.

Thank God for Archippus Awakening that has been a tremendous blessing in my life and ministry. Pastor Henson’s teaching through Say To Archippus has helped me to differentiate between church activities and kingdom assignments. Even as I am writing this, I am aligning myself that God may assign me to different assignments, healing the sick being my first priority. Thanks to Team Singapore for walking with me as God takes me through the awakening and aligning towards my God-given assignments.

The Lord has also shown me that in Philemon 2, Paul calls Archippus a fellow soldier. As a soldier, it is important that I understand where my area of operation is.

It is at the assembly area where I received orders to heal the sick and other important communication before I head to the operation area where orders are executed from. Most of my time, although I have received the command to heal the sick, I found myself being diverted from that assignment.

I now give glory to God for the opportunity to receive the teaching from Say To Archippus. I have been getting opportunities to pray for the sick and most of them have been recovering. One of them had Covid19 and the Lord healed him. I might not understand why not everyone received healing when I prayed for them but one thing I know, that the Lord has awakened me that I may awaken others towards their God-given kingdom assignments

My encouragement to the readers is that we are in the race whether we know it or not. Salvation puts us in the race where there are rules to follow if we are to win the prize and the point is not in just finishing the race but how we finish it. Do you know your assignment? Are you fulfilling it? Finishing the race is fulfilling your assignment. My prayer for you is that you will run the race with focus, having the vision of the end of race at the beginning of it because that is what will sustain you on your journey to win the prize and hear God say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”     

Dear Archippus…

Henson writes in Alignment Check, “To run in what has been marked out for us is to know and move on our God-given kingdom assignments.”

Are you running in a race? What race are you running in? How are you running it?

About Kintu Samson
34-year-old Samson is married to beautiful Judith Samson and they have two children. Samson is a minister at Blessed Highway Christian Church. In his free time, he loves to read.