Kilometres for the King

Gary Lim. Interviewed by Tan Lay Leng.

When Gary runs, it is his space with the Lord. He communes with Him. From his #perikingdom2020 journey with the Lord and fellow kingdom saints to his current challenge of “running-10-kilometres-daily-for-55-days”, Gary has certainly covered no short distance.

During the circuit breaker, Ps Henson extended an invitation to focus on the kingdom and saturate our feeds with kingdom proclamations over 40 days and Gary was one who ran alongside.

“I ain’t see anything yet,” he had written on his Facebook feed. Referring to the kingdom of God, Gary confessed that he may have been born again for almost 20 years but he believes what he has seen and experienced of the kingdom of God is very superficial.

God honours Gary’s hunger for Him and His kingdom ways. Since the 40 days of seeking things pertaining to the kingdom and 10 days of praying together with the #perikingdom2020 community, Gary has found his hunger for God’s Word increased. He reads Scriptures from kingdom perspectives and that has helped him to see things beyond the four walls of a church. Not only that, he has a deeper desire to catch God’s heart for the things and people around him.

“God’s heart is so big,” Gary shares, “I want to learn to see people – regardless of race, language or religion – the way God sees them.” In fact, while speaking with Gary, his heart for the fatherless, for the down and out, for the helpless, spills over even as he shares his passion to see an individual being awakened to the potential that God has put in his or her heart.

“How then should we respond to this person, also created in God’s image?” Gary asks, “How can we extend love and mercy the way God reaches out to us?”

He has answered his own questions and the #perikingdom2020 journey has translated into the Maju (Onwards) Lah Run (10km per day for 55 days) to do his little part to raise funds towards a Care Corner’s Carevolution campaign.

Not one to waste the space in his daily runs, Gary has also been sharing on his social media platforms downloads from the Lord as he runs. These include his personal reflections as well as issues related to children with developmental and learning difficulties, poverty among families, disabilities, isolation faced by vulnerable seniors, and mental health.

Come, run alongside Gary, as he runs with the King of kings.

About Gary
Gary is married to Jessie and they have a nine-year-old daughter, Rae-Ann. Gary is always keen to observe leaders in order to learn the ropes of leadership. Growing up, he found his strong sense of justice getting him into troubles with authority figures. These days, to be of service to others, he tries to stay out of trouble.