I Was Lost But Now I Am Found

Fayth Wong

There was a period in my life when I was struggling with many challenges confronting me at the home front, at church and at work. When one aspect is misaligned, other aspects get affected!

In 2017, a friend invited me to attend the Awakening Event (AWE2017.2), an initiative of Archippus Awakening. As I listened to the Archippus Awakening message, God began to soften my heart and on the last day of the event, when Ps Henson prayed for me, I received joy in the Holy Spirit. 

I became more hopeful that He had indeed heard my prayers and would start to work things out in my life. After half a year, in 2018, I knew I was ready to sign up for the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP)

Going through MAP was yet another journey with God. I was constantly challenged to examine my own spiritual beliefs and realign the way I live out my faith. From the group discussions as well as stories of real-life Archippuses in action, I found myself being renewed in my convictions and values I hold. Through the process, I thank God for my mentor who provided a listening heart. 

At the silent retreat that is part of MAP, I was prompted to fast and lay down my concerns before the Lord to show me His ways and how to live them out. God surfaced a few misalignments which gripped my heart. I become more conscious that I have to deal decisively with personal issues such as my time management, inner brokenness and fear of rejection.  

In addition, He opened up various channels in which I am able to serve, and I have to learn to discern whether they are Christian activities or kingdom assignments. I continue to serve in church but in a somewhat different way and focus; by leaning to rest on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  

I have also been praying with the young Archippuses and have been assigned as a mentor at MAP. Misalignments show up from time to time when I learn to work with Christ, but now I no longer turn to wallowing in frustration and despair but to focus on realignment with the Lord. I am excited as the Lord recently reveals the partial interpretation of a prophetic dream I received from Him years ago, thus realising how important it is to hold fast to the personal word as well as personal revelations by the Holy Spirit He has given me over the tough seasons. 

I am anything but aimless; aware but not apathetic now! One thing I am always reminded and assured of is that when I seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and be found faithful in small things, all things shall be added unto me!  

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About Fayth
Fayth prays faithfully with a group of Young Archippuses for young adults to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus. Her heart is to see the young generation like lion cubs championing God’s kingdom cause.