Submit Our Abilities to God

Elaine Low and Yen Yeen Peng (with the team of Kingdom101 writers)

While Elaine is dyslexic, Yeen Peng insists that writing is not her strength yet both ladies have been on the kingdom assignment of writing summaries for Pastor Henson’s Kingdom101 teachings, an aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening (AA) through the gospel of Matthew. They have been accomplishing this assignment to the glory of God!

Abilities? What Abilities?

“I have difficulty reading as I would miss lines and misread words. Writing is trying as well, typing on a keyboard would usually yield a series of typo-errors,” confesses Elaine. As a “better listener”, Elaine would listen to the teaching first, then review Pastor Henson’s notes before writing the summary, and listen to the teaching again to check the summary. This has certainly led her to study the Word in a deeper way.

As for Yeen Peng, she has learnt quickly at MAP (Mentoring Aligning Process), another aligning initiative of AA, that abilities do not dictate the determining of assignments, they facilitate the fulfilling of our assignments.  She shares, “We surrender our abilities to Him and trust Him to rightly deploy us. As I struggled through listening to the many sermons to understand and summarise the essential points in the teachings, I learnt new perspectives about certain ‘hard’ topics such as healing and suffering and that helped me realign when ministering to other sisters in need.”


Elaine and Yeen Peng’s awakening journeys would further inspire you.

In March 2020, during one of her morning walks with God, He said to Elaine, “It is time to awaken the slumbering army for they have fallen asleep. It is time to put on the full armour of God and stand ready. It is time to advance the kingdom.” Elaine would testify that God’s voice was so clear to her that it seemed that He was standing physically next to her as He spoke. She held onto the words and prayed for clarification, but only received another instruction, “Study the Bible, COVER to COVER.” Soon after in April 2020, a friend forwarded a YouTube link to “Don’t Waste the Space” by Pastor Henson. After watching it, she was excited and intrigued as to what AA is. She googled and was directed to the website where she purchased “Say To Archippus” and “Alignment Check”. As she read “Say to Archippus”, her spirit was leaping with delight and excitement that others have received the same message. She had already started ‘studying the Bible COVER to COVER’ when she read “Alignment Check”. Each chapter surfaced areas in her life where she desired to be realigned and submitted to God once again. When she found out about MAP, she decided to embark on the journey.

Yeen Peng had two important ‘awakenings’ in her life. The first was an ‘awakening’ to accept Christ as her Saviour. It led to a period of healing and restoration when she was hungry to know what it meant to be a follower of Christ. Many questions bombarded her: Why were some Christians so spiritually strong, joyful and full of life? Was it just about attending church, being involved in a cell group and volunteering in church ministries? 

In March 2020, she received the AA message at Tung Ling Bible School (TLBS). Her second ‘awakening’ had come. When Pastor Henson introduced the first trait of an Archippus, ‘almost anonymous but known by name‘, Yeen Peng’s thoughts were “That’s me! I am a new believer in a mega church, almost anonymous, yet known by name to Father God.”  Like many of her classmates at TLBS, she was awakened and eager to know what her assignment was. Prompted by the Holy Spirit to sign up for MAP, Yeen Peng found herself on a journey of translating discipleship from head knowledge to heart knowledge.

Writing Kingdom101 Summaries

Discipleship has also taken a deeper meaning for Elaine as she journeyed through the study of the gospel of Matthew.

“Jesus invites and calls everyone but so few respond,” shares Elaine, “and even fewer stay the course. Am I one of the multitudes or am I a disciple who has a relationship with Him?” Writing the summaries for Kingdom101 teachings made Elaine realize that there is so much still to learn of kingdom living and challenged her to constantly ask if Jesus is her King in her life. While it used to be an assignment that she approached in fear, she now embraces writing summaries in joy.

When Yeen Peng obeyed and said yes to writing the summaries, God showed her step by step that He meets us where we are and prepares us for the next step. She gives thanks, “His love for me gives me the boldness to take on assignments that He has for me. They are usually something outside my comfort zone so that I need to surrender and lean on Him to be able to work from a posture of rest. Each assignment deepens my understanding of what it means to receive Christ that I may reveal Him.”

Encouraging Words for the Readers

Yeen Peng would like to tell the readers, “It all starts with aligning with Him, starting from where we are.”

As for Elaine, she would like to end with this story, “God gave me a dream in November 2020 where I was a funeral director and in the parlour were filled with occupied caskets. I went from one to another, preparing each of them. But as I moved from one to the next, the bodies would sit up and then get out of them. God told me at the end, “As you do your assignment, I will do the awakening.” Starting where I am, I take the first baby step of faith in obedience to His invitation.”

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Galatians 2:20

Dear Archippus…

What are you naturally good at? What are your spiritual gifts? After you have determined your abilities, strengths and talents, set these aside. Pastor Henson writes in Alignment Check, “The question is not how strong you are but how surrendered you are. Give your abilities back to the Lord.” As you seek God diligently for your kingdom assignment, would you determine to only use your abilities for Jesus and the purpose of His kingdom?

About Elaine (R) and Yeen Peng (L)

Elaine is a mother of two young adults who is still discovering the joys of kingdom living even after journeying with God for over thirty years. Being a cancer-survivor, God has given her a new lease of life and a new purpose in life, to be God’s ambassador, revealing Jesus. Yeen Peng is a retiree and mother of two young adults. She is enjoying a new lease of life, full of love, peace, joy and hope, getting to know the Lord, day by day.