Realign with Kingdom Perspectives

David Victor

It was a dream come true in the year 2010 when I finally studied music at the university in Uganda. It all started when I gave my life to Christ in the year 2000 at Cornerstone Community Church Uganda. My dear mother brought me to the church where I found my passion for playing musical instruments unlocked to no end. I would pick up an instrument and playing it would come naturally for me.  At the weekly church services, you would see me near the instruments where I would be playing from the drums to the guitar. I looked forward to church services and at the same time, my church leaders began to take notice of me. Meanwhile, I grew so much in my love for God and by His grace, when my pastor noticed my zeal to learn and also to serve the Lord, he gave me an opportunity to go and study music at the university.

At that point I had no idea what kingdom assignment is all about, so my intention was to go to the university, learn the instruments and play in church and anywhere I could find an opportunity for money since the church does not pay. I have since come to recognise that I am known to God by name and He has a kingdom assignment for me.

I recalled that one time, I had wanted to join a secular band and make money but God did not let that happen. I found myself frozen, immobilized for close to 40 minutes at one place, unable to move or see where I was going. There and then, He said to me I should use my skills for His glory. I never forgot this supernatural encounter!

I thought I had understood what God had said to me, because I started moving from crusades to crusades, conferences to conferences playing piano until this year 2021 when my brother, Juuko Dennis, shared with me the message of Archippus Awakening (AA).

He also invited me on board the equipping sessions by AA, with him and three of us. He encouraged me to listen to the teachings about AA by Pastor Henson. Fascinated by what I was listening to, I began to have a change in my perspectives about the kingdom of God and what I am supposed to do as a kingdom subject.

By the time the AA message came to me, I was asking God to give me direction on how to go about everything that is happening in the world amidst the confusion and fear. The AA message came as a wake-up call, not scaring me but informing me that there is work to be done.

The message has helped me distinguish between being saved to go to heaven and being saved into the kingdom of God to partner with my King to see His purposes accomplished in and through me. I was impacted that there is the awakening, and after the awakening must come the alignment. When we focus on the aligning, God does the assigning. This message has changed my life so much and it has taught me to be obedient and also to discern between Christian activities and kingdom assignments.

I have grown from being just a musician to being a worshipper and a worship leader with so much love and passion to worship my Creator in Spirit and in truth. More than that, I now see myself an Archippus who goes on to raise other Archippuses in the different fields of music, training them and sounding a clarion to them that what they are doing might be just an activity, that they should take heed to the ministry given to them by God that they may fulfil it.

The AA message has made me realise that God loves assignments not activities, and that being busy does not mean being fruitful. I have loved music more when it has turned out to be a kingdom business where I reach out to the young and old, sharing skills but for the glory of God. I am praying for God to reveal to me how He wants me to use this music-teaching to partner Him to advance His kingdom.

May everyone in the kingdom of God be awakened, aligned and assigned. May we always to be obedient to our Creator when He requires our attention. May we be available to listen to Him and do what He says. Fellow soldiers in Christ, God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Let us get aligned with God so that we can be purposefully assigned by Him.

Dear Archippus…

When you begin to see things through fresh kingdom filters, everything is going to look different. When this happens, Pastor Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Learn to pray the kingdom and see how the Lord answers and opens the doors for you. At the same time, it will require you to live the kingdom, challenging you to choose rightly and change radically.” 

About David Victor

34-year-old Kizebwana David Victor is married to his best friend Mirembe Ariel Trisha. His home church is Cornerstone Community Church Uganda. He plays guitar and piano for the glory of God.