Prophetic Artists on Assignments

Daniel & Lynette Ong. Interviewed by Tan Lay Leng. Photo by 3:16 Church.

Daniel and Lynette have come a long way to where they are now.

In 2011, Lynette lost her younger brother to suicide, and this tragic incident, in her own words, “broke my heart to pieces”, and caused her to fall into depression. The recovery road was tough as she battled with betrayal and false accusations a few years on, causing the depression to return. As a result, she suffered loss of sleep and appetite, and a new dawn would bring nothing but fear.

Daniel and Lynette are also no strangers to the potential pitfall of wanting to be recognized for what they do, having served in the inner healing and deliverance ministry for a good 10 years for Lynette and 15 for Daniel. They shared that such front-line warriors, as they were called, were often seen as being more spiritual and more superior since they would be facing all the demons. It was easy to let that get into their head.

During those years, they did not have the slightest clue what being on kingdom assignment was all about. In their own words, they would just do what their leader told them to do. Before they knew it, they were caught up in the huge ministry needs and on the treadmill of ‘doing’. Inevitably, it had never crossed their mind to ask if what they were doing was what God wanted them to do.

While she was recovering from depression, Lynette had a dream in which she was busy doing a lot of things. A coach bus stopped behind her and the front door opened. A man dressed in white robe, whom Lynette recognized to be Jesus, alighted from the bus, stood there and waited for her. Lynette then saw in her dream that she dropped everything she was doing and said to herself, “My time is now.” She then followed Jesus and boarded the bus. She knew that there was a ministry waiting for her.

Behold, Dr Alan Chin, the director of Healing Rooms, Singapore, invited Daniel and Lynette to join the ministry at a local church. They drew and prayed over many, recognising how God has used those years of serving in the inner healing and deliverance ministries to equip them.

At the same time, God orchestrated a kingdom connection with Ps Henson and the Archippus Awakening message. At a small fellowship which Ps Henson was invited to speak, Daniel and Lynette were excited to learn of how God confirmed many things He has already deposited in their hearts. Through a few signs God kept pointing them to, He directed them to sign up for the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP), an initiative of Archippus Awakening. Having walked through MAP for almost six months now, Daniel and Lynette both agreed that they have acquired a keener and quicker sense to check their alignment with God.

I love the way Lynette described it, “When the King calls you, just do the assignment and go back to my position and shut up. My heart doesn’t move.” She was describing how her heart remains focused on who she is in Christ.  

“I no longer crave for recognition. Whatever we draw or write is from God. It is about Him and fulfilling His assignment. It is never about me,” Daniel said, in full sincerity and authenticity. He went on to express how thankful he is for all the God-given kingdom assignments and the people God entrusted to him. He added, “We are happy that no one recognises us or what we do as long as what we do can bring God’s comfort, strength and encouragement to the body of Christ, so there is no need to strive.”

Lynette nodded and explained, “Being almost anonymous stabilises me. As long as we are aligned with God’s kingdom purposes, He will open the doors.”

Open doors He did! Daniel and Lynette have been such great blessings to a group of us being trained by them to use prophetic art as a tool to bless others. They are also conducting another prophetic workshop to a small group of believers from different churches. In a kingdom collaboration with Debbie of Geylang Ministry, Lynette has also rallied her friends to draw and write birthday messages to bless the Geylang street ladies and brothel operators. 

Having recognised that it is not activity but assignment, Daniel and Lynette have become very intentional in saying yes to assignments that are from God. Today, as they move on their God-given assignments, Daniel and Lynette are witnessing how God leads them not just in the inner healing and deliverance spheres but also in calling the body of Christ to rise out of slumber and be launched out.

In 2018, Daniel was invited to do a prophetic painting at the X2 Creative Conference organized by 3:16 church for the creatives in the Kingdom of God. Present at the conference was Jaime Wong, founder of City on a Hill, a non-profit inter-generational community hub with a focus on young people and seeing lives transformed through sports, arts, media and missions.

On how Daniel’s painting helped confirm what God wants Jaime to do, reported her perspective:

“…at the conference, Jaime asked God for a clear sign of whether these were areas He wanted her to pursue and to confirm whether this burden was really from Him. Later on, when a prophetic artist came up on stage and presented his artwork, Jaime was shocked. The painting was of a group of hands coming together with four differently coloured party poppers – blue, purple, orange and green – releasing sparks of joy that would transform hearts, shift culture and change the spiritual atmosphere over nations. These were also the exact four colours of Ignite Faith Ministries. Jaime shared with a laugh: “So that was a clear sign that made me think, okay, this is the path God wants me to be in….”

What an encouragement to each one of us to faithfully steward our God-given assignments and watch how as we do our part, God will more than do His part.

Dear Archippus… 
Daniel was also invited to do a prophetic painting at the a11e1uia assembly of Archippuses. He had explained the message for Archippus Awakening from his painting this way, “We come from diverse backgrounds, as represented in the painting by the different shapes and sizes of the jars, and we may look unspectacular to the world (see the clay with dull colours), but we contain a precious treasure, depicted by the colours emitting from within the jars. When we avail ourselves and release in unison this power within, like the colour spectrum in reverse, we give the glory back to the King of kings and the True Light of the world.”

This reminds me of what Ps Henson writes in his book Say To Archippus, “I believe that the days of spiritual celebrities and superstars are over… And in these last days, God will raise up the common man and woman to do great and extraordinary things in and through them.” Amen. 

These are the Archippuses of our day who will know their assignments and be obedient to fulfil them!  

Would you partner with the Spirit of the living God as He awakens His saints to arise as the Army of God, moving in alignment with His kingdom purposes to be assigned for His glory? Arise Archippuses. Sleep no longer.  

About Daniel and Lynette
Besides having a passion for art, Lynette is also crazy about gardening and feasting on durians, and she must eat durians with a spoon! Her personal mantra is “When you are down and out in your darkest moments, the only person who stands with you is Jesus.” Daniel colour-codes his wardrobe, and Converse shoes are his kryptonite.