A Trial That Led to A Prayer Assignment

Cecilia Kong

There were times over the last twenty years when I wanted to give up everything and walk away. I had to deal with hurts and disappointments, arising from a relationship that had somehow broken down. I would entertain thoughts like “What’s the use? All is lost.” But somehow, something always seemed to nudge me back to God, to seek repentance, for He is a God of restoration. He will restore!

During the challenging years, the Lord directed my time and energy to Bible school to study His Word. I began to develop a relationship with God. I would spend hours in the prayer closet, praising, worshipping, praying, listening and speaking to Him. I believe the Lord was using that time to equip and prepare me for kingdom work. On one occasion when I was seeking the Lord, I heard Him say, “Forgive! Let go! You can do it,!” I said, “No, Lord, I can’t.” In His small comforting voice, He said, “Yes, you can, My child! My Holy Spirit will empower you!”

Tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my face. I was sobbing uncontrollably. I fell on my knees and repented. The love of God just flowed over me. It was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt a great sense of peace that I had never experienced before. I thanked God for His great love, His mercy. and His grace.

Slowly, the situation at home began to improve. I continued with my Bible studies and through Ps Henson, I got to know of Archippus Awakening. In the year 2018, I decided to enrol in the Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP), an initiative of Archippus Awakening.

Through MAP, I learnt that in the A-R-E-A framework, the aspect I struggled with is Refinement – Becoming like Christ. The A-R-E-A framework provided the guidance I needed to help me grow and become more and more like Christ. In the many trials and challenges I had to overcome, I admit that the journey had not been an easy one. But I began to realize that the trials and tests were for my refinement so that I can be shaped to the image of Christ.

As I kept leaning on Him and praying, out of this aligning, I received my current kingdom assignment to serve Him on the Archippus Awakening Kingdom Prayer Initiative team as a prayer coordinator.

I would like to encourage you that we may not have it altogether yet, but we persevere to keep focusing on aligning with Him. Our God is a faithful God!

Without doubt, I believe that obedience and true repentance bring restoration. I thank God with all my heart for restoring this special relationship. It has become my primary assignment!

To God be all blessings, honour, glory and praise! Amen!

Dear Archippus…

Are you going through a trial now? Perhaps the Lord is preparing and refining you for a kingdom assignment up ahead!

Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Even so, your part is not to wonder what that assignment might be but to remain aligned and faithful to the Lord no matter what. As trials reveal what is misaligned, allow the Lord to bring you back into alignment with Him. Nothing is wasted where God is concerned. Everything can be redeemed for His purposes.”

Even what is regarded or meant as evil, God can use it for good (Genesis 50:20).


About Cecilia

A nature lover, Cecilia enjoys the sun, sea and sand, and all things bright and beautiful.

She is grandmother of two lovely grandchildren.