From Rude Awakening to Rewarding Assignment

Caleb Yam

It all began on a hospital bed with a rude awakening from my spiritual slumber. That was in the year 2016. I was recovering from a surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from my liver, my second one as a result of a relapse. Not ready to meet God, fear gripped me. I was not serious with God and I had led a sinful lifestyle before I was a Christian. I cried out to God, asking Him for forgiveness.

And there, on the hospital bed, I had an encounter with Jesus. The Lord directed me to Hebrews 8:12: “For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more.” These words cut into my soul. My tears rolled down uncontrollably, overwhelmed by my own wretchedness and the deep comfort and assurance of God’s forgiveness. The gentle, gracious and merciful God assured me that as I confessed my sins, He did not condemn me. It was my first taste of God’s loving kindness. 

Following the season of my health crisis, brokenness, and contrition before the Lord, I was spiritually awakened to get my life right before God. While recuperating at home, God said to me, ‘Trust Me’. I knew deep inside that Jesus was telling me not to opt for chemotherapy. Uncertain as I was, I obeyed.

I began to reflect why I was spiritually dry. It was clear that I was walking far from God and His word. As I repented and realigned with Him, God began to restore me and prepare me to receive His assignment. He divinely connected my wife Elaine and me to people we did not know. Looking back, we remained amazed at an unusual connection. An overseas evangelist was travelling from Australia to Europe and he was to transit in Singapore. During the 10-hour transit, he landed in our house to rest after the long flight. We were total strangers. Who but only God could bring total strangers together? While interacting with this evangelist, he asked me two times if I had heard of a church called Soakability Church. I said I had not. The very next day, my daughter’s friend informed me that she had joined a street healing ministry with Soakability Church. My mouth gaped with disbelief when I heard the church name. Events unfolded and Elaine and I found ourselves doing our first street healing outreach with this church. 

One outreach led to the second and then the third and very quickly, we were involved in three outreach sessions every week. God was equipping us! By His grace, I had the physical stamina to complete the outreaches. In retrospect, had I opted for chemotherapy, the post-effects of fatigue would have caused me not to complete this mission. 

The year 2016 ended with Jesus sending His word through a vision that He has healed my cancer. This healing confirmed the launch of my kingdom assignment. While the previous three outreaches steadily phased out, God birthed a community outreach assignment in January 2018. Today, with a team, we reach out to pre-believers in Kovan and Clementi with the gospel of the kingdom of God. It may be challenging at times but seeing different ones call upon the name of our Lord Jesus is rewarding. I know that the Lord, in His mercy and grace, has restored my health that I might serve Him faithfully.

Dear Archippus…

The reason so many are unable to receive their kingdom assignments is because they have not repented and returned to the Lord. These may be ‘good’ Christians with impeccable Christian church records. But when the King and His kingdom are concerned, they prefer to live their own lives, unwilling to sacrifice and surrender all to the Lord. Turn and return to the King. Embrace the kingdom. Receive your kingdom assignment.

About Caleb

Caleb is a retired businessman with two adult children. Together with his wife Elaine, they serve the Lord in the marketplace.