God Says to Build a Lighthouse!

Bebie Lita Dorias

Interviewed by Lay Leng

 “Build a dormitory,” God has spoken to Lita. That was in the year 2018. Lita was asking God what His plans for her were. As a helper to Eitaro and Tamae for 12 years in Singapore, Lita had to make a decision when the Japanese couple heard God’s call to partner Him in His given assignment in Okinawa.

She said she prayed to Him every day and every night to seek His guidance, and then she heard God’s voice. The spiritual discipline of prayer has been cultivated since she became a believer under the roof of her God-fearing former employers. Eitaro and Tamae have been telling Lita about Jesus.

“Everyday, before sleep, they would talk to me about Jesus,” Lita shares, with much affection for the couple in her voice.

Having witnessed and experienced the love of Jesus for herself, Lita received Him into her life. Eitaro and Tamae invited her to attend Sunday service in church, and when Tung Ling Bible School (TLBS), where the couple did a 3-month course, extended invitation for guests to attend a teaching module, Lita was invited to sit in.

And which module did Lita attend but the one on “Knowing and Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” by Ps Henson. Lita’s eyes were opened to the importance of obeying God and aligning with Him in His Word, His will and His ways. She expressed her growing desire to love Jesus first before anything else. She began to see how God transforms her life as she grows to love the people around her. As she learnt to be patient and humble to understand others more and more, she was also able to release forgiveness towards her father even as she received God’s forgiveness for herself.

In her hunger to seek God further, she spoke with Eitaro who then advised her to enrol in the same course at TLBS. That was equipping period for Lita, who fell in love with Jesus over and over again. So when the Lord says to build a dormitory for students, she knows that it is Him answering her heart’s desires to share with others how much Jesus loves her and has transformed her life.

Lighthouse– the name of the dormitory – in Maasin City in the Philippines, is under construction on the family-owned land. It is two-storey high, with a prayer room on level one and the students will be housed on the second storey.

Even across oceans, Eitaro and Tamae continue to walk with Lita. Whenever the ongoing project seems daunting for Lita, Eitaro would point her to God, “Everything will be okay when we trust in God.” To borrow Eitaro’s hope in God: His light shines the brightest in the darkest situation. COVID or not, the construction work proceeds. The fund-raising initiation continues. It is God’s project. He has given the assignment. He will accomplish it.

Indeed, when we do our part, He will more than do His part.

Dear Archippus…

It is evident in Lita’s life that God’s love compels her to act on the vision she has received from God to build a lighthouse for Him. Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Love is to be, and must be, the basis of our relationship with God; and our kingdom assignments must be the result of that relationship of love. If not, it will quickly turn into a religion of works. And that will have disastrous consequences, yielding the wrong kinds of fruit.”

Start with love. Rediscover and receive His love. Then get ready to receive His assignment.

About Lita

Lita, seen here with Youki (L) and Tamaki (R) misses these two girls, daughters of Eitaro and Tamae. Lita found Jesus her Lord and Saviour, while working as a helper in Singapore for 25 years.