Assigned At 68

By Tan Lay Leng

“Let’s Pray.” 

The very moment we sat down, endearing 73-year-old Sister Amara pulled my hands into hers and said, “Let’s pray.” She committed the entire session into the Lord’s hands and asked for the Lord to increase and we decrease. I felt lifted in my spirit and I was all set to hear the story of this prayerful warrior on kingdom assignment in India. 

Overseas Missions Assignment Received 

In the year 2013, at 68 years of age, Sister Amara received her assignment to India. The Lord reminded her of a heartfelt desire she had expressed to Him in the year 1993. She had told the Lord she wanted to be a missionary. She marveled at God’s grace in giving her 20 years of preparation and prayers.  

Words could never capture those years of preparation. How does one express the agony of losing her youngest son to cancer in January and that same year in December, her husband? But Sister Amara would tell you that when she prayed for the many women in India who had suffered tremendous losses, she prayed with compassion and power from the Holy Spirit.

Then there were the financial challenges that came as the sole breadwinner was no longer around. Amazing testimonies after testimonies spilled from her lips as she recounted how the money would come in timely, so there was no need at all to open her mouth to ask. Through these, she learnt to commit her needs to the One who provides. Everything is built on faith and prayers.

In India, when she needed a bed after sleeping on a rough spiky mat on the floor, she knew to pray. And many marvelled as they witnessed how a bed would be delivered under the most unique of circumstances. God cares for our personal needs too! Hence, mosquitoes are also no challenge for a prayer-answering God. In her own words, while moving on assignment for the past five years in India, Sister Amara testified, “No headache. No stomachache. Nothing.” In fact, she has prayed for countless ones who experienced healing from the One who kept whispering in her spirit, “It is I, not you. I could use you as you obey and surrender to Me.” When we do our part, God will more than do His part. Ours is to obey and focus on aligning with Him.  

Appointment as A Soldier 

I asked her how she overcame challenges. Immediately she answered she is a soldier in the army of God, and that a soldier finishes his mission once he is sent out. She quoted Colossians 4:17 effortlessly, understanding that Archippus has been exhorted by Paul to take heed to the ministry that he has received in the Lord, that he may fulfil it.

Sister Amara may understand her appointment as a soldier and her assignment in India but she is not exempted from experiencing loneliness. She admitted she does not like to be alone. But our God is a humorous God. In India, He sent her on a “prayer-ride” assignment, travelling to one part of India and back, just praying as the Spirit led. While back in Singapore, He assigned her a “prayer-ride” on the MRT, alone, and right after the Holy Spirit said it was completed, she received a message on the phone of a victorious outcome of the Christians’ petitions in our nation. Only God could orchestrate this type of timing to assure her He is always with her.     

A verse Sister Amara holds close to her heart is, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  John 14:15 Henson Lim writes in his book Alignment Check, “The one who loves, obeys…love must be demonstrated and expressed. And in a father-son or master-servant relationship, it is called obedience.”

Sister Amara’s kingdom assignment is a result of her love relationship with God, not a religion of works. Perhaps that explains the ‘right’ kinds of fruit she is bearing. There is a deep sense of joy within her. She may be almost anonymous but she is known intimately by her Father God who is very proud of her. To God be the glory. 

Dear Archippus…
What challenges are you facing as you move on your kingdom assignments? We get inspired by Sister Amara’s story that it is never too old to move on kingdom assignments. When we obey Him because we love Him, we will be filled with joy to see Him show up again and again.

About Amara
Today, whenever Sister Amara is in Singapore, she meets with three other ladies to share life and pray. She is also faithfully praying with Team Archippus at our monthly KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) meetings. This gentle and courageous lady simply loves to pray.