KINGDOM101 Testimonies

dickson-soh“Things are not going to be the same again. Whatever we try to preserve and defend, we will be defeated trying that. Henson’s expository teaching on the book of Matthew has indeed opened the eyes of my heart and I am left with no choice but to response to the correction and call of God. His teaching has reminded me to work on the condition of my heart. I am excited about what God has spoken to me through Henson! God once again has shown His grace and mercy to remind me of my fault and urged me to work out my Christian walk with Him through the circumstances of my life. But I thank Him that He is faithful, covenant keeping. I am still learning to lean on Him, not an easy but necessary journey. Come and join us and let His truth transform you!” Dickson Soh, Covenant Evangelical Free Church

yeo-guo-nian“Kingdom 101’s expository teaching has utterly shattered and reformed the way I viewed the world and sought to live in it as a Christian. The recurring theme that we can only rely on Christ’s finished work on the cross to live out kingdom values instead of falling prey to the worldly values has been especially jarring and significant. Additionally, the teaching has had profound impact on the lives of my cell group mates as we struggle to navigate through lives’ various transitions during young adulthood. ” Teo Guo Nian, Bedok Methodist Church

eunice-ang“Pastor Henson’s heart of intense love for Jesus Christ & for people is evidently portrayed in His profound & in-depth teaching.  He is called to a position of total surrender, trust, yielding & commitment. As such, I have been greatly blessed! New dimensions of freedom,strength & peace reside in my spirit,resulting in greater spiritual maturity & joyous intimacy with God. It releases a death blow to procrastination & set me on a path to personal fulfillment, purpose & productivity.” Eunice Ang, Church of Our Saviour

terence-yeo“One of the most refreshing and engaging expository teaching of the Gospel of Matthew in Singapore! Every week, I look forward eagerly to Wednesday because I know Brother Henson is going to deliver a thought provoking and edifying message packed with powerful visuals that brilliantly illustrate Bible truths.  My understanding and appreciation of the Gospel of Matthew has grown so much! To me, the Book of Matthew has become the New Testament counterpart to Isaiah of the Old Testament – a capsule summary of the entire Bible. Thank you Brother Henson!  You have made the Gospel of the Kingdom come alive! ” Terence Yeo, New Creation Church

caroline-tong“Rev Henson Lim is a great preacher of God with a mission, a good teacher and mentor to me. Since the first session, I have been greatly impacted by his clear delivery of what is God’s Kingdom. I know the King all over again and in greater depth. I realised that not knowing the King is not knowing the gospel. The teachings form a basis of understanding the bible, how to become part of His Kingdom and how to enter the Kingdom of God. A strong recommendation to attend. ” Caroline Tong, Full Gospel Assembly

ngui-jar-lin“Kingdom 101 helped me to align with God’s purpose for me, affirming the ministry which I receive from Him, inspiring the courage to respond to His assignments.  I learned to identify the season and process to finish the race.  I learned the constant need to check my alignment with Him, so that His purpose is fulfilled.  The refinement process is humbling. Gumption to stay on course, requires dying to self daily.  Yet, the release and empowerment which follows after, is rewarding.” Ngui Jar Lin, New Creation Church

garry-lay-see“KINGDOM101 opened up our spiritual eyes and ears such that for the first time in our lives, we have an appreciation of not only the genealogy of our Lord Jesus, but also the true meaning of His name and the powerful and wonderful attributes associated with His name. Additionally, we are now keenly aware of the need to be aligned with God and hence the importance of focusing on things that He wants us to do instead of what we want to do for Him.” Garry Ng & Teo Lay See, New Horizon Church

toh-siew-hoon“The teaching of Kingdom101 by Rev Henson has brought me deeper understanding of the book of Matthew and created in me an urge to dig deep into and study the word of God.  Many times it also caused me to reflect on myself and desire more for a pure heart.” Toh Siew Hoon, Victory Family Centre

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