An Expository Journey by Henson Lim

It will set aflame a strong desire to align yourself to God’s heart about His kingdom purpose in your life.
Lindsay Lim
Lighthouse Evangelism

Open to Everyone

Regardless of church affiliations, denominations and worship styles, all are welcome at KINGDOM101. No registration is required. No fees to be paid. All that is required is a desire to know Jesus the King, to embrace His Kingdom and to receive kingdom assignments.

Kingdom of God

The invitation is to all to rediscover the kingdom of God. We are in a season where believers must discern the difference between the church and the kingdom of God, that we may rightly understand the church in the context of the kingdom of God.​

Trek thru Matthew

Regarded as a kingdom manual, the gospel of Matthew is our text. Written to the Jews, the people of God, who needed a fresh revelation of the kingdom then, we believe that this declaration will likewise awaken the church afresh to the kingdom of God today.​

You will find your mind being renewed, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened and your spirit man enriched and you realise there is so much more for you to unlock and discover from the Word. It whets my appetite for more.
Grace Chua
Chapel of the Resurrection

Expository Series

We live in a day where biblical literature is readily available. However, unfortunately, biblical literacy is very low amongst believers. KINGDOM101 is an expository journey that dives back into Scripture, allowing the Word of God to speak to us in its totality.​

Alignment Check

More than just another bible study, KINGDOM101 is an invitation to embark on a journey of kingdom alignment. Anyone can plug in at any point. It’s not a typical course to be completed. It’s about having the right kingdom foundation for kingdom assignments!​

Listen on the Go

Can't make it? Missed a session? Need to review? No issue at all. All teachings are uploaded to the Archippus Awakening Channel on Soundcloud. Download the app. Listen at your convenience. Share with others and invite them onto the KINGDOM101 journey.

I’m thankful to God for KINGDOM101, spurring me to go deeper into God’s Word; in the process, being awakened in my faith journey, yearning to be more aligned and receiving courage to fulfil my assignments.
Catherine Chan
Bartley Christian Church


In view of COVID-19 situation, KINGDOM101 sessions are broadcast via Archippus Awakening’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on Wednesdays, 7:45pm.

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