Who is Archippus? What does it mean to identify as an Archippus?

Regardless of church affiliation, denomination or worship styles, when one is awakened, aligned and assigned, we believe that these four traits will be clearly evident in the way he or she lives and moves to fulfil kingdom assignments.

Archippus appears only twice in the Bible. He is almost anonymous and yet mentioned by name. This is the season for ‘nameless’ saints to arise and yet each is intimately know by the Heavenly Father. The days of spiritual celebrities and superstars are over. In these last days, God will raise up the common man and woman to do great and extraordinary things in and through them. These are the Archippuses of our day who will know their assignments and be obedient to fulfil them.

It is not how much we know of the Bible, but what we are doing with what we know. Archippuses understand the urgency of the times we live in. They are fully aware of the bigger picture and the happenings in and around the body of Christ around the world. To this end, they do not remain apathetic, distanced or self-absorbed. It is this awareness that compels them to act with certainty, fully convinced that their assignments, big or small, will contribute to the greater agenda of the kingdom of God.

Archippuses know how to discern between Christian activities and kingdom assignments. It is totally pointless to be busy with many things but miss the one thing that God has assigned to you. They understand that busyness does not necessarily mean fruitfulness. Appreciating that it is much easier to sign up for activities than to seek the Lord for assignments, Archippuses are careful to always focus on the aligning, allowing the Lord to do the assigning.

Archippuses are very clear of what the kingdom life is all about. Their aim is to please Jesus and they will not allow anything or anyone to stand in their way, to distract or to stop them from fulfilling kingdom assignments. They have eternity in mind and they live towards the Day when they will meet Jesus and hear the words, “Well done! Good and faithful servant.”


These value statements have been crafted into the Archippus Affirmation, declaring the beliefs and conviction of all who share the common desire to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom. Watch the video below and join a growing assembly of Archippuses to boldly declare #iamarchippus

I am Archippus.

I may be almost anonymous but I am fully known by name and have found grace in God’s sight. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, created in His image, saved and called according to His purpose and grace.

I am aware of the signs and urgency of the times. The days are evil and the time is short. I will not live as one who is apathetic but will walk wisely and circumspectly, filled with the Spirit, knowing His Word, understanding the will of the Lord, making the most of every opportunity and participating in the advancement of His kingdom.

I will always determine to know my God-given kingdom assignment in every season that I may be faithful to fulfil it in my area of influence. I will discern between Christian activity and kingdom assignment, appreciating that busyness does not necessarily mean fruitfulness. I will not be distracted by anything that will cause me to miss my assignment, that which has already been prepared for me beforehand.

I am anything but aimless. I will be clear and focused on what the Lord has assigned to me. Each day is filled with purpose and adventure, journeying with and relying wholly on Jesus for apart from Him, I will not be fruitful. Thus I shall run the race, with certainty and resolve, with perseverance and endurance, looking to the prize I shall receive when I one day stand before my Lord and Judge, Jesus Christ.

This is what it means to be an Archippus and I gladly join the ranks of others who, like me, desire to please my Master and to hear the words, “Well done! Good and faithful servant!” Our readiness is determined by our faithfulness. We will gather to encourage, exhort and edify one another. We will train and run together, spurring each other on, laying aside every weight and sin, eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

I am Archippus. Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.