Pentecost: Reversal of Babel

Recorded by Tan Lay Leng

Pastor Henson Lim
1 June 2020 Monday

As Ps Henson wrapped up (but we have just begun) the #perikingdom2020 journey, he reminded us that God is calling His people to revisit holiness and the fear of the Lord. We need to recover a healthy reverent awe of the Lord. God is also calling us to uncharted waters. Our part is to be ready and God will give a required boldness into our hearts. Be alert to the need for constant checking of alignment.

Bearing in mind that it is the spirit of Pentecost we want to receive, Ps Henson was prompted by God that Pentecost is the reversal of Babel (see Genesis 11:1-9). He then made an exciting discovery: reverse-spell “B-a-b-e-l” is “l-e-b-a-b”. 

“Lebab”, pronounced “lay-bawb”, means “heart”. With no vowels in the Hebrew language, this word is written in only three characters “l-b-b” (lamed-bet-bet); or more precisely, “l-v-v” (lamed-vet-vet). Hence, its pronunciation, “levav”.

Let’s unpack this.

Bet (Vet, when written without a dagesh mark)

“Bet” is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The Holy Scriptures begin “in the beginning” with the second letter “bet” and not the first letter. Jewish rabbis and scholars came to a concerted view that the first letter is attributed to God. God, the Creator, holds the first letter, and creation comes after. God always comes first!

“Bet” is seen as a duality of things that happens in pairs and something beautiful happens out of the partnership: “male and female”, God created “heavens and earth”, “Jews and Gentiles” – one new man in Christ. God wants a partnership!

“Bet” is also a picture of a tent, a tabernacle, a dwelling, a house, the home (beth)! Can you see that home “bet” is doubly embedded in “levav”, the heart? The home and heart are so closely related. Home is where the heart is. No heart, no home. It’s amazing how God uses these Hebrew letters!

Two homes coming together and two hearts binding together bring Ps Henson to this scripture:

Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

John 14:23

We ask Jesus to come into our hearts but Jesus wants to make a home with us. There is a “vet-vet”, two homes coming together. Observe that in John 14:23, it says “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word…”.


Remember “levav” – “lamed-bet-bet”. “Lamed”, the letter “L”, is the 12th letter in the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters. Being in the centre, it is the tallest letter, central to the Hebrew alphabet.

“Lamed” is derived from the shepherd’s staff that directs and guides, representing teaching and learning. To the Jewish sages and rabbis, the goal of teaching and learning is heart knowledge. It is not about the intellectual training, but the training of the heart – everything that we are – according to the words and ways of God and His kingdom.

“Lamed” is also associated with the King of kings and His kingdom. “Lamed” with the next two Hebrew letters “m” and “k” spell “melekh” or “malakh” which means king, as well as “malkuth”, kingdom. Right in the centre of Hebrew scriptures and thought is the King and His kingdom ways and teachings, to be taught to His people.

When hearts are aligned with God, we rule and reign with Him who wants to extend Himself through His people. We will get the right teaching and receive the right purpose. In Archippian language, we are not only awakened, we are aligned, then we are assigned.

Without a right relationship with God, there can be a centrality of self, thinking we know so much intellectually. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 8:1 that knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. Remember “levav” is “lamed-vet-vet”, two hearts! We are to be taught by God. He wants to line up His heart with our hearts, that we may align our hearts with His heart. Jesus says that when we love Him, we will obey His commandments (John 14:15).

We know our hearts are deceitful, we need help! One heart won’t do. We need God’s heart to come alongside, to walk with us and guide us from the inside out. Then we can stand tall with His authority, His guidance and His Holy Spirit. Then as He rules and reigns in us, we rule and reign with Him.

What happened at Babel?

At Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), there was a unity but the hearts were in the wrong place. Man was central. They built a tower as a place of worship to get closer to the gods so that the gods could give them power. That was idolatry and at the heart of idolatry, these false gods would make promises to make us think we can be masters of the universe. The way the tower was built was also stepped up like a hierarchical system. As one stepped up on another, at the end, it would be the elites controlling the masses down at the bottom. This was not God’s plan!

So God looked at it, saw wrong hearts, wrong teachings, wrong alignments; and confused “b-l-l” their one language. Interestingly, Babel “b-b-l” is a mixed-up version of “b-l-l” – a confusion of confusion! Similarly, if our hearts are in the wrong place, we will be so mixed and messed up!

Out of Babel we get the word “Babylon”. Why does God keep reminding us to get out of Babylon? Get out of confusion and the mix. Get out of Babylon!

In their confusion, God then scattered them because it was not lined up with His heart.

What happened at Pentecost?

At Pentecost, there is a reversal of Babel. The Holy Spirit – the Spirit of the King – was poured out at Pentecost. It was a pouring out of God’s heart so that we would always know what His heart is all about.

Pentecost is not just about tongues. It is about hearts. God wants to bring His heart to partner our hearts, “bet-bet”. With our hearts lined up, we can understand His teaching.

See “l-v-v”, “lamed-vet-vet” (heart) again.  If the middle letter represents my heart, when sandwiched between the teaching and word of the kingdom (lamed) and the heart and Spirit of the King (vet), I will learn how to move in tandem with them, to rightly live out the kingdom of God.

In the days leading up to this discovery, Ps Henson excitedly shared what the team praying together have been receiving. Lay Leng received an image of a lightning coming into hearts. When lightning strikes, there is fire that starts to burn. The Holy Spirit is always described as fire. Consequently, Gary saw a heart (hard) reset that reconfigured hearts to kingdom format. After the team received these, we noted that Lana Vawser, a prophetess, posted a prophecy that she saw a defribillator, shocking and bringing hearts alive. She wrote that Pentecost is a marker because God is capturing hearts in this season. God is going to ignite hearts with His fire.

This brought Ps Henson to his reading on the clash of kingdoms on Mount Carmel where Elijah rebuilt the altar of God (1 Kings 18:20-40). As Elijah prayed, the fire came down on the altar and consumed everything. This fire of God will come upon the altar of hearts and burn up everything else so that our hearts can align with Him to understand His teachings.

What did God reverse at Pentecost?

  1. At Babel, there was wrong unity due to wrong hearts. At Pentecost, we received the Spirit of God. Where there is the Spirit of the King, there is kingdom unity. By the Holy Spirit, our hearts will beat with the heart of God, with the right rhythm and timing with Him and with one another.
  2. At Babel, there was a building of personal and idolatrous tower of worship. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came on all of us. Today, we have the temple of the Holy Spirit, being built up for the Lord Jesus Christ. At Babel, it was hierarchical. In the kingdom of God, we report to the King of kings, whose organisation is a lot flatter than what we are used to. The Holy Spirit comes upon all flesh, and not just for the elite. Pray for shepherds to have the same heartbeat of the King. 
  3. At Babel, there was confusion. At Pentecost, there was clarity and wisdom to understand what the King is saying to us. By the Holy Spirit, we can have heart-to-heart talks with Jesus. We are able to understand one another too, because we have the same spirit and the same language. Paul says avoid useless babblings (2 Timothy 2:16), avoid gossips, complaints, murmurs. No babel talk!
  4. At Babel, there was a scattering. At Pentecost, there was a homecoming. The Father is saying, “Will you come home? Will you come home?” Come home, everyone, to the Father, to Jesus, to the King, to the Kingdom. Yes, we “stay home” in our hearts but we will be sent out to our areas of operation where people will get to receive the good news of the kingdom of God. 

Pentecost is about hearts. At the end of Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, those who heard him were “cut to the heart”and responded accordingly (Acts 2:37).


In these last days, the spirit of Babel is still in operation. Mystery Babylon will be allowed by God to be built to a certain point and at the right time, God will crush it (Revelation 17 & 18).

At Pentecost, God has given His Holy Spirit to pair and partner our hearts. Get ready. God will advance His kingdom through people whose hearts are aligned with His.

As we are released to our areas of operations, we are to live out the love of the kingdom and speak the language of the kingdom, to leverage with the Holy Spirit and with one another. This is the result of the right longing for the things of the kingdom, starting with kingdom hearts – levav – awakened, aligned and assigned for Him.

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