On Assignment Scripting Archippian Stories

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I was in a ferry when an e-mail came, and it got me excited. Then, I was in a bus when a thought came, and it got me excited again. How about writing a story on my journey collecting Archippian Stories?

Why not?

O before that, let me answer two questions you may have. What are Archippian Stories? Archippian stories are short articles and accounts of normal Christians (Archippuses) on kingdom assignment for Jesus. Who are these Archippuses? Like Archippus (see Colossians 4:17, Philemon 2), these are largely unknown. From these, you will see that kingdom assignments are not confined to the walls or organised ministries of a local church. It is also not limited to a special group of believers who are spiritually superior or ‘called’ to a higher purpose.

Here goes…

He started sobbing. I stopped typing. It was a God-moment. I looked down but my heart was looking up to our King, in worship. Recounting his pain while he was on his kingdom assignment had surfaced something deep in his heart. Yet out of his mouth came only praise for a faithful God who is wise and wonderful in all He does. When he tried to control his tears, he began to sob even more. I do not understand the impact that moment had on me but I knew deep in my heart his story would bring much comfort and healing to his readers. While on assignment to interview these Archippuses – precious almost anonymous ones – who are plodding on faithfully on their God-given assignments, my heart expanded, in awe toward my King. 

There was so much excitement in her voice. She had just received a message from Ps Henson that a reader of her story, after reading it, had connected with her for a potential kingdom collaboration. Her story was on how she obeyed God’s voice despite having to fight the pressure of being the odd one out and eventually saw His leading in bringing kingdom influence into her area of operation. This reminded me of an impression received by a faithful kingdom prayer warrior while he was praying over the Archippian stories. These are his own words:

“What I saw were stories encapsulated in ‘hot air balloon-shaped capsules’. They were all ‘reverberating’ as if clamouring for attention. I then noticed two short antennas attached to each of the capsules which reminded me of the antenna in the embedded chip in the ez-link card allowing transmission of the stored data to the card reader. This led me to the understanding of the stories in these capsules clamouring to be ‘picked up’, that is, read/listened through divine connections.” 

We pray that God will keep divine connections ongoing between readers and the Archippian stories.

So, here’s what the email I received was about. Thir.st had written to Archippus Awakening, saying that they would like to be linked up to one story owner whose Archippian story was featured. When we first prayed about these stories, God impressed on the hearts of Team Archippus to serve Archippuses through the platform of Archippian stories. And He has answered our prayers. May His kingdom purposes be done as we continue to be faithful to do what He has asked us to do.

Archippus Awakening wants to celebrate these Archippuses – successes as well as struggles – that these may be encouraged to keep keeping on for the Lord. At the same time, our prayer is that these stories will serve as practical examples of how alignment leads to assignments, what kingdom assignments may look like, and what being on assignment entails. 

Call to Check Alignment
Just one more thing. You will discover that the learning points in the segment “Dear Archippus…” in the Archippian Stories are largely adapted from the book Alignment Check by Henson Lim. As I went through these chapters myself, I have been personally blessed and reminded over and over again, the importance to focus on the aligning and to let God do the assigning.

May God continue to use these Archippian Stories for His glory.

Do you have a story to share? Email us: archippusawakening@gmail.com

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