Adrian Chan: I wish I had known about Archippus Awakening much earlier

My family and I had recently relocated back from Bhutan where I served as the Leadership Resource Person in the King’s Office to advise on leadership development in the kingdom.

Archippus Awakening or Pastor Henson Lim were unknown to me until 25 March 2018. I had googled “awakening” and come across his blog. That same day, I immediately signed my wife, Poh Cheng, and myself up for AWE2018. Realising that there was a book Say To Archippus by Pastor Henson, I emailed him to get a copy.

On the first day of AWE2018, a total stranger struck up a conversation with me and then offered to pray for me. However, he did not get to pray until the second day. I woke up early for Kingdom Prayer Initiative, and in the evening, my wife and I again bumped into the stranger. Sunny (Thank you brother!) remembered me, and as he prayed, I caught a main point that stuck with me: “Not to be afraid of the release that is to come.”

During the altar call that evening, I was prompted by Olivia to go up to Pastor Henson to be prayed for. I had been happily soaking in the corporate worship, something I truly missed while working in Bhutan. Pastor Henson prayed over me and three things stood out for me from what he prayed: ‘Mouth Piece’, ‘Puts things right’, ‘Share what it means to serve the king’.

What is my assignment? I don’t know yet. I wish I had known about Archippus Awakening much earlier. Just like the ‘ark’ we built in the alignment activity, I am not only a broken vessel running on faulty wheels, I am also the meddlesome pilot not willing to let go of the wheel and allow the Spirit of God to move me as He wishes. Hence I know from AWE2018 I need to work on my own aligning and allow God to do the assigning. About my own alignment process, there is much refinement and empowerment to be done still. There is much dying to self and much equipping to ensure that I am the right horse for the course (or in Archippus speak, the right stallion for the right stadion).

From today onwards, I put down in my daily task this: “Review and Do my Alignment Check”. What that entails, it will probably differ from day to day, season by season. But it will be a daily tithe of time to be quiet before God, to know the mind and will of the King of kings. I had blogged about the limited time we have on earth. Hence, in my computer, I already have a countdown clock that marks the time I have left till I am 70. Today, I add one more countdown timer marking the day I completed AWE2018. As it stands now, this second timer reads 15 hours, 42 minutes. The time is ticking towards the final arc. It is time to get up.

From left: Henson, Serene, Poh Cheng & Adrian.

Adrian Chan, International Baptist Church
I have been prompted to reflect on “awakening” for a while before I decided to google for more information. Lo and behold, I found Pastor Henson’s blog and AWE2018! I signed up immediately! My family and I recently relocated back from Bhutan, where I spent the last three years serving in the King’s office as the Leadership Resource Person. In serving an earthly king, this experience allowed me to witness the parallels in our service with our King of kings. Now that I have a language and framework to describe my assignment experience in Bhutan, I am looking forward to living out a new awakening, aligning and assigning back here in Singapore.

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