Awakening Event: Kingdom Worldview 19-20 Feb 2016

Quite immediately after hosting IN THE LAST DAYS: Contending for Our Faith in Perilous Times with Worldview Partners, we were presented with another opportunity to serve the Body of Christ. Over a simple breakfast at MacDonald’s, Leo and I met with James Teo to discuss the possibility of having a seminar with Darrow Miller of Disciple Nations Alliance. The meeting was extremely straightforward and productive as how meetings should be when hearts and minds are aligned. Dates were set and direction agreed upon, and we got down to kingdom business to offer another worldview teaching within three months.

Over the weekend of 19 & 20 Feb, Darrow shared over four sessions, covering the following topics:

  1. Occupy Till I Come!
  2. The Nature of the Church: Have we lost our Biblical Worldview?
  3. The Great Commission: What have we missed?
  4. Lifework and the Biblical Theology of Vocation

Darrow revisited many fundamentals which the Church has missed owing to a faulty perspective of ministry, calling or vocation. Christians today still struggle with the sacred-secular dichotomy, erroneously thinking and believing that what is done in church is more spiritual than what they do outside of church. This perspective, sadly, is prevalent and strongly entrenched in the minds of believers, resulting in the inward focus of the church and the lack of impact in our families and communities. Darrow’s message resounded with the cry of Archippus Awakening that every believer must know and embrace his assignments and to fulfil these faithfully. And it begins with having the right worldview, a kingdom worldview.

On Friday night, Pastor Ben Lee (Head of Sexual Wholeness, Focus on the Family & Regional Pastor, Hope International Ministries) in his session “Reflections on Discipleship” challenged the church and her leaders to go beyond “events management” and to seriously relook at how discipleship is done (or not done). In support of this point, Pastor Ben shared dismal statistics of four nations (considered Christian nations), showing that a high percentage of the population who consider themselves Christians does not necessarily mean a corresponding figure of practising Christians.

On Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of sharing my own journey and how the Lord awakened me to the importance of knowing assignments. I entitled the session “Treasures in Heaven”, based on one question the Lord asked, “What have you laid up in heaven?”, back in 1999. Drawing from Scripture, we then examined the context to better understand what Jesus meant for one to lay up treasures in heaven. To make it practical and personal, I presented reasons why knowing and being on assignment matters.

Once again, it was wonderful to be able to serve the church through another Awakening Event. Working with Worldview Partners taking the lead, with James in support, was also a joy. Decisions were easily taken because our focus was clear – we just wanted everyone to get the most out of this seminar that more will be about their kingdom assignments! I simply love the heart of Darrow too. Although a man of great experience and knowledge with strong convictions, his message came across loudest and strongest through his humility and gentleness!

Last but not least, my heart is warmed by each and every person who chipped in to help. Both teams from Archippus Awakening and Worldview Partners worked closely together, supporting one another in every way possible. Leo, Roxanne and Tessa of Worldview Partners worked especially hard, handling all administration and co-ordination for the event! Truly, love their hearts and dedication! Special thanks too to Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church, our venue host and the team that provided all the arrangement, assistance and guidance. Indeed, this is what the kingdom of God is all about!

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