Awakening Event: IN THE LAST DAYS Worldview Conference 19 & 20 Nov 2015

This wasn’t an easy conference to organise. For one, Christians are not very aware of what worldview is and how that impacts them. For another, the conference would be across two weekdays and taking leave might prove too much of a sacrifice for some. These were just two major hurdles we had to overcome as we shared this conference with our circle of contacts.

I am pleased to report that finally, we had 260 delegates for the day conference and open night meetings drew 300+ per night. But more than just numbers, the feedback was very positive. Many came not really knowing what to expect, but left with a greater awareness of the challenges we face in these times. The battles can be traced back to differing and conflicting worldviews. And the alarming truth is that worldviews are largely inconsistent even within the Church! Without doubt, we are living in the last days and we must know how to contend for our faith in these perilous times!

Over the two days, the speaker, Bill Muehlenberg covered six topics: “Worldview & Cultures”, “Truth & Tolerance”, “Postmodernism and the Emergent Church”, “The New Atheism”, “Bioethics & New Biotechnologies” and “Transformation of Nations: Being a World Changer.” At the open night meetings, he challenged the Church with the messages, “The War Against Faith, Family & Freedom” and “The Need for Watchmen” Through these, Bill brought a clear warning, sounding an alarm for the Singapore Church not to be caught snoozing, to do her part that our nation will not go the way of the West.

We are indeed thankful that the Lord brought Leo Hee Khian of Worldview Partners to co-labour with us. With his input, the conference programme was further enhanced with testimonies and panel discussions by local youths, leaders and worldview practitioners. These helped to bring the teachings much closer to home.

For me, it is always exciting when believers from different communities come together. At this conference, more than 60 local churches were represented! More and more, the walls are coming down and I believe the Lord is uniting the Singapore Church, revealing a deeper understanding of what His kingdom is truly about. We are so honoured and privileged to be able to play a small part.

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To many, this might be just another conference. But to us at Archippus Awakening, it is an Awakening Event (AWE). From the day I invited Bill to speak, this intention has never wavered. Where this conference is concerned, a proper understanding of biblical worldview will help the believer align rightly with the Lord and His purposes. We never want to put something together simply for the sake of another activity or offering. We are in the business of awakening the saints towards their God-given assignments and that is what we will keep doing, however and wherever the Lord leads us. [Read: Why a Worldview Conference by Archippus Awakening]

We give thanks and praise to the Lord for leading and enabling us all the way! Truly, His presence was with us throughout the conference. A sister saw a huge pair of wings covering Bill and myself as I prayed for him. Another sister affirmed this and also heard the sound of thundering horses during the altar call, signalling a call to arise and to go into battle (those who know what Archippus means will understand the significance of horses). Yet another noticed a sweet fragrance when Bill called for watchmen and it became even stronger when I issued the call for all to be awakened, aligned and assigned. She later explained that she encounters this whenever God’s Truth is proclaimed.

Last but not least, I must acknowledge the many who gave of their time, energy and resources. Often, these helpers and volunteers go unnoticed. Even before the two days, these have worked very hard to ensure everything moves according to plan. During the conference, they are also the very first to arrive and the last to leave. I give thanks for each and every one who served sacrificially! These are truly Archippuses – each knowing and fulfilling their assignments to the glory of the Lord!

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