JUBILEE GOSPEL Conference: 13-14 March 2015

Jubilee Gospel Brochure
After a very encouraging first Awakening Event last year (The Beginning of the End: Amir Tsarfati), Archippus Awakening has been given another opportunity to organise the next one, this time in partnership with Raffles Air and Jubilee Ventures (made possible by Melvyn Mak, a seasoned pastor and now marketplace minister).
I am thankful and excited because this conference serves to bring both “church” and “marketplace” together.
For one, the Church needs to have a right perspective and understanding of the Jubilee. Whilst it does refer to fifty years, it is not only to be relevant once in fifty years. When Jesus declared that Isaiah 61:1-2 had been fulfilled in His day (more specifically, in Him), He ushered in the spirit of Jubilee for all time – that means everyday is Jubilee! Although this conference is organised in celebration of SG50, let us not miss the point and revert to old ways in the 51st year.
For another, the marketplace is where the action is. And the church has its expression through its members in the marketplace. Jubilee is not only to be preached within the walls of the church, it is to be proclaimed to all of society. Yes, the good news of the kingdom is the declaration of the favourable year of the Lord. And not just for the 50th year but each and every year. That’s good news! And that is why it is referred to as the Jubilee Gospel.
How apt then that Archippus Awakening (a para-church ministry) and Raffles Air (a marketplace ministry) should be collaborating and working together for this. It is indeed a fulfilment of my heart’s desire for Archippus Awakening to serve as a bridge between the church and the marketplace.
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The speakers are Dato Dr Kim Tan and Pastor Peter Tsukahira, both of whom are authorities in the topics of marketplace and the kingdom of God. Dato Dr Kim Tan is the founder Chairman of SpringHill Management Ltd (UK), a fund management company in biotech and social venture capital investments, and also co-founder of Transformational Business Network, the UK charity with social transformational businesses in developing countries. Pastor Peter Tsukahira really needs no introduction at all. He has spoken countless of times in Singapore and has been a key catalyst in declaring the message of restoration.
Participants will also get to have a “taste” of Israel:

  • Israel Worship – Jubilee is derived from the word ‘jobel’ in Hebrew which
    means ram’s horn. We will start the worship with the shofar, declaring the
  • Israel Food n Fruits – we are planning to bring in a Jerusalem hotel chef
    to bake Jewish bread n pastry for us to sample, as well as dried figs &
    dates from Israel.
  • Israel Experience – what’s going on in Israel in 2015 from Singapore.

Join us at this conference on 13 Mar (7pm – 10pm) & 14 Mar (9am – 6pm) at UE Convention Centre. Share and invite others too – all believers, marketplace people, social entrepreneurs, pastors and church leaders.
Let us be awakened to what God is doing in these exciting times that we may be aligned to His purposes and be faithful to fulfil our assignments. For sure, SG50 is pivotal and critical. But it’s not just about fireworks and dazzling displays. It’s about believers raised up and sent out that Singapore might fulfil her destiny as the Antioch of Asia.
Register ONLINE today at www.rafflesair.com.

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    This conference is for all believers, marketplace and business people, pastors and church leaders. Let’s declare the good news of the Kingdom to a world who needs to know Jesus. Register online today!

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