Amir Tsarfati shares at Archippus Awakening's very first Awakening Event

It all began when I received a WhatsApp message in August by  Robin, containing a link to a very recent 8 August message by Amir Tsarfati. When I watched the video on the Grace Chapel website, I was drawn to Amir’s extremely clear presentation of the Middle East conflict. As he related the alignment of the nations to the Gog and Magog prophecy in Ezekiel 38 & 39, it was as if he was describing the context of Archippus Awakening.

Immediately, I messaged Robin, “We should consider inviting him to Singapore.” Back came the reply, “Yes, bro, I am one step ahead of you.” Unknown to me, Robin had the exact same thought and had already emailed Amir. A few days later, we received a positive reply from Amir. He would be in the Philippines end-September and was prepared to make a special trip to Singapore! Robin and I quickly met the next day to discuss the feasibility of putting together a seminar with such a short lead-time. It would be challenging but somehow, in both our hearts, we felt that the Lord has opened this window of opportunity to bless the Body of Christ with a very timely teaching through Amir. We decided to go for it. It was 19 August.

Over the next two weeks, the venue, programme and fees were determined, the publicity material was designed and an online registration system was set up! On 2 September, we went “live” and started sharing the news of Archippus Awakening’s very first Awakening Event: “The Beginning of the End” Special Seminar with Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel on Wednesday, 1 October. Our target was 250-280 and we had less than one month to achieve this. Over the next days and weeks, the registration came in steadily. On the Friday before the event, we had to close the registration as the number had reached 350. On the day of the seminar, we accommodated a few more and the auditorium was packed at 380. At the Open Night Meeting, there were about 400 people.

Across five engaging sessions, Amir shared about Israel, the Middle East and global developments. Drawing from the Word of God, he provided valuable insights that enabled everyone to understand the times more clearly. Many were stirred and awakened to what is happening around the world and the fulfilment of prophecy, to realise that we are indeed in the last hour. After Amir’s teachings, I took the opportunity to share a little about Archippus Awakening. One may be awakened and that is good. However, how one responds after that is just as important, if not even more critical. Sadly, too many are awakened to only fall back into slumber. The vision of Archippus Awakening is to see a movement of Archippuses not just awakened, but also aligned and assigned! God-willing, Archippus Academy will be introduced sometime in 2015.

To the glory of God, and by His grace, it was a very successful first Awakening Event by Archippus Awakening. I am still marvelling at how He led us to have the same thought of inviting Amir. And in the spirit of Archippus Awakening, God used two ‘almost anonymous’ guys. Also, God moved and raised a team of more than 20 volunteers to support the entire system and organisation! It was so wonderful to see brothers and sisters from different churches and backgrounds come together for the purposes of the kingdom! When duly assigned, each carried out his and her tasks sacrificially, responsibly and effectively. That is what Archippus Awakening is all about!

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