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    Post-pandemic, the only certainty is that things have become even more uncertain … inflation, wars, political realignments, economic upheavals, mental health issues, sliding morality. How does one even begin to make sense of the situation? How can God’s people navigate these challenges well that we do not miss all the Lord has for us?

    At AWE2024:NAVIGATE, a 3D2N Alignment WeekEnd (or it could well be an Awakening or Assigning WeekEnd too), you will learn the key principles of the why, what and how of the Alignment Check. Set against the Archippian Strategic Process of being awakened, aligned and assigned, you will receive insights and practical handles to navigate well through challenging and uncertain times that you may know and faithfully fulfil your kingdom assignments.

    This year, AWE2024 will be held in Singapore that we may reach and help more be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus. Thanks to kingdom partners, we are able to keep AWE2024 fees attractive and affordable for you.

    AWE2024 Details

    Date: 12 April (8:30am) to 14 April (5:00pm) 2024

    Venue: Changi Cove Singapore

    AWE2024 Fees:
    Twin-sharing: S$525/pax
    Single: S$700/pax
    Includes 3D2N accommodation at Changi Cove, 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 6 tea breaks

    3-Day Non-Stay Pass
    Includes 3-Day Access to AWE2024, 3 lunches, 6 tea breaks

    Closing Date: 15 March 2024

    For more information about registration, payment & other details, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

    Note: There is no children’s programme or child-minding service at AWE2024.

    What to Expect at AWE2024

    Key Teaching Sessions by Henson Lim
    Getting from Here to There
    Navigational Bearings
    Navigating with ALIGNMENT
    Navigating through REFINEMENT
    Navigating by EMPOWERMENT
    Navigating on ASSIGNMENT

    Two Engaging Forums
    Forum I: Alignment Matters
    Forum II: Navigating on Assignment
    Moderator: Cindy Koh; Panel: Cliff Ethan, Bryan Tan, Jeremy & Janet

    Two Special Topics
    Timothy Weerasekera: The AI Age: Impacts and Opportunities
    Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn – Kingdom Friendships

    Kingdom Prayer Initiative
    Times of personal and corporate prayer, to seek and ask God for the kingdom that many more will be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus.

    Processing Platforms
    Opportunities to dialogue and discourse with like-minded kingdom hearts. To clarify and process what has been received. To encourage and minister to one another.

    Saturday 13 April 8:00pm
    All are welcome to gather to Jesus @ADULLAM
    A night of worship, praise, word, prayer & ministry.
    Open to public. Invite friends & family.

    Who is AWE2024 for?

    If you …

    • sense that God is moving in this new season and want to move with Him …
    • are a kingdom leader with a kingdom heart to raise kingdom people …
    • know that there is a lot more to Christianity than just church attendance and would like to discover what that really means …
    • are tired of consumer, comfortable, convenient, cultural Christianity …
    • want to discover your kingdom assignment so that you can fulfil it …
    • realise the need for an alignment check but don’t know how to go about it …
    • are looking for a kingdom community that does not just talk kingdom but is sincerely striving to live the kingdom by the grace of God …
    • are burnt out, disappointed, hurt, disillusioned – been there done that …
    • desire honest, real and authentic conversations about the Christian walk and ministry …
    • are not looking for just another teaching, camp, seminar, conference, programme …
    • need a pit stop to figure out where you are and where you are going in your spiritual walk …

    Simply, if your desire is to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom, AWE2024 is for you.

    Are we over-promising that we can deliver on all the above and more? No. Because we believe that God knows exactly what each one needs when he or she signs up to be at AWE2024. We will do our very best to serve you, and leave the rest to the Lord.

    Download flyer to share and invite others to AWE2024

    Takeaways from AWE Participants

    AWE2023 at Harmoni One Convention Hotel Batam
    "On the first day of AWE2020, sirens were already going off in my head and my heart! As I listened to Pastor Henson’s teaching, I found myself sadly misaligned from God’s will, even in the way I broached my assignments. “Is it all truly for Him, or is this all to validate my own sense of purpose?” I started questioning, “Is this why I have a tendency to take on so much?”
    Rakesh Singh
    "I attended AWE2018 and AWE2020 and both times were equally impactful. I took away much. I truly feel the Archippus Awakening message is a wake-up call for slumbering Christians in this urgent hour."
    Teo Ming Hui
    "AWE2020 helped to sharpen my thinking on how to go about my own alignment and how to make key decisions for the youth ministry. It is also such a great encouragement for me to see so many fellow Archippuses who have chosen to do this alignment with God, and that I am not alone."
    Chia Wee Teck
    "Immediately after the AWE2020 weekend, I had to cope with two challenging assignments. Remembering what Pastor Henson said in AWE2020 that abilities do not dictate assignments but facilitate assignments, I became more aware of my need to learn to go about my assignments from weakness and vulnerability. I found myself consciously looking up to God for help."
    James Tan
    "As Pastor Henson taught on “Empowerment”, an aspect of the Alignment Check framework that focuses on resting in Christ, I thought of how the Holy Spirit gave me a personal word to confirm my assignment six months after I obeyed Him to rest. During the circuit breaker, I spent both quality and quantity time with my daughters in their home-based learning."
    Chia Yen Yen

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