Constant Aligning & Refining

Lisa Leong

I used to convince myself that suffering was not part of ‘God’s assignment package’ for me. I had lived a life of ‘partial obedience’, wrongly believing that if God gives me an assignment, it should be easy. Anything that requires more effort or time would not be of Him.

My six-month Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP) journey has been a process of constant aligning and refining. With the help of my mentors, Ps Susheel and his wife Christina, I was awakened to the wrong beliefs I had unconsciously accepted.

While on assignments to reach out to the community through giving tuition to underprivileged kids, I had wanted to give up when the going got tough, telling myself this might not be my assignment.

As I journeyed on with my fellow MAPpers, I was convicted to remain faithful to my assignment, and not run away when confronted with challenges. God kept clarifying for me why I was doing what I was doing and I found myself embracing the desire to please King Jesus and to reveal Him.

At MAP, we were assigned a topic to give a presentation. While preparing for my presentation on “Wise up to the Times”, God kept me awake for two nights!

He gently revealed what was in my heart. I was happy in my comfort zone and I have been leading a very relaxed life; retired and very contented. As long as whatever happened around the world did not affect me too much, it was not of my concern. In Archippian terms, I was aware but apathetic, awakened but had fallen asleep.

Refinement, becoming like Christ, was then a huge area for me!  O how I needed Jesus to transform me from the inside out, to walk in the light and not live separate lives. In ministry, people would see me as this loving and gentle leader but in my private life, I was impatient with relatives, I was self-righteous and I was not submissive to my husband.

For many years, I refused to partner my husband in anything – more accurately, I refused to submit under his leadership. Now I understand the importance of supporting him in leading a cell group together even as God has aligned our hearts to reach out to the community, especially to the poor.

How critical it is to align to the heart of the King and to obey Him. I am still in the process of aligning and being refined, but I am convinced that in all I do, I want to point people to Jesus and not to a particular ministry.

Dear Archippus…
Why do we give up when the going gets tough? There are many factors, but it all boils down to focus and purpose, or the lack of. 

Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “If God’s work of Refinement is the internal motivator that keeps you going, then your God-given kingdom assignment would be the external motivator that provides the focus. As an expression of your love, faith and obedience to King Jesus, for the sake of others, you are willing to bear through the longest of days and the darkest of nights.”

Are you willing to accept the tests?

About Lisa
Lisa obeyed the Lord to leave the teaching service in the year 2011. Since then, she has been serving Him as He leads. Her heart is for the broken and the community.