Work From a Posture of Rest

Gideon Chong

Is clocking attendance at cell meetings in church becoming a burden for you?

It used to be for me. In my local church, I have been taking up different roles. I was a cell group leader, a camp committee member, an outreach team member and I serve in the worship team. While I trust that God enables individuals with different capacities and giftings, I begin to recognise that busyness and filling up roles does not equate to knowing my kingdom assignments.

I have been a Christian for almost 10 years when I first heard the Archippus Awakening message at Tung Ling Bible School. Ps Henson was one of our lecturers and in his teaching on “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments”, he used terms like “Moving from Assembly Area to Area of Operations”, “4 traits of Archippus” and “Alignment Check” that I have not heard before. It made me realise and become aware that there is so much more to our lives than being “a mere Christian”.

God also revealed to me that it is insufficient for me to be busy with church or cell groups, listen to sermons week after week but still miss out the one thing that God has assigned for me.

With this awakening, I began to seek God in prayers. God guided me to identify clearly what I should say yes to in the area of serving Him in church and when to politely decline on roles that I know are not what God has assigned for me.

When I make that alignment, I have times of rest for personal prayer and I learn how to set priorities. Another change I notice that took place was in my area of serving in my Young Adult group. I began to serve God with greater focus and joy. It is about bringing kingdom influence into my area of influence.

With a newfound kingdom mentality, I serve Him from a posture of rest, and no longer find it a hassle and burden having to clock attendance or purely driven to meet objectives. From a position of rest, I learn to partner God to move on my targeted assignment. For sure there are moments where things or situations happened such as low cell attendance, or not knowing what to plan for cell but I would like to take this opportunity to really encourage us that as long as God has assigned this to you, He will enable you with the strength and zeal for it even when the going gets tough.

The  Lord  God is my strength;
He will make my feet like deer’ s feet,
And He will make me  walk on my high hills.

Habakkuk 3:19

Dear Archippus…
Are you busy with ten things but missing out the one thing God has asked you to do? Just because you are engaged in some church programme or activity does not mean you are fulfilling a kingdom assignment.  

Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “This is not to say that activities and programmes are bad or to be dispensed with. Not at all! However, these well-intentioned initiatives are but a means to an end and not an end in themselves. Christian activities are there to help the saints discover their kingdom assignments.” 

Would you check your heart today? Do you prefer to sign up for an activity than to seek the Lord for a kingdom assignment?

About Gideon
Gideon has a key to details which enables him to manage global projects. He is an avid runner with a keen interest in extreme sports. He gets away from the busyness of life by marveling at God’s wonderful creation and searching for delectable cuisines during his vacation overseas.