God Birthed A Kingdom Assignment

Elaiyarani Subramaniam

My ears pricked. It was the year 2017 and Ps Henson, my lecturer at Tung Ling Bible School, was teaching us on “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” and I had never heard of the term “kingdom assignments”. For the very first time, I asked myself what that kingdom assignment was.

I began to draw near to God and search my heart prayerfully. As I learnt to listen to God speak, I realized that He was pointing me to serving Him and His people in missions work. I asked God to lead me to take each step one day at a time in faith and without self-doubt.  

In the year 2018, I heard God specifically mention the names of four ladies. In obedience and by faith, I arranged to meet them. To my delight, I came to know that God had already prepared their hearts too! We marvelled at how we have come together with the different giftings He has endowed us, for a kingdom purpose.  

I would like to think that we made the “best five”, a team with diversified gifts of the Holy Spirit and beautifully aligned in our hearts for our King. In our knees we went before the Lord in prayers before we decided to meet. When we finally met, we rejoiced to discover that the common heart’s desire was to bring out the brokenness in our lives so that we can help people, in particular, women in need.  

Then God whispered in my heart that He has birthed His first kingdom assignment in my life after I responded to Him to know and fulfil my assignment. A women’s ministry was started.  

The journey with Him has been exciting, simply because I keep seeing and seeking to understand His heart for His people. I also grow in aligning with Him, to hear and obey Him. I become more open to meet more people as He directs me. Above all, I become anything but aimless, having found the purpose of my life to serve God and His people. 

In His beautiful ways, He sent many kingdom-minded sisters into my life who came to help me grow towards my Heavenly Father. I begin to align more and more with my King and His kingdom ways.  

God then provided an opportunity for me to partner Him in India in the year 2019 where I could pray for the people in Tamil as the Holy Spirit led. I learnt to exercise my spiritual giftings like prophecy, evangelism and faith to build up the body of Christ. 

The more I align with God, the more I trust Him. Now as God guides me to enter a new season in my life, I have only excitement on a daily basis where I can see that He sends the right people at the right time to encourage and partner me for His kingdom work.

Each day is a treasure. I get to meet people and see new things for God. That keeps me going. When I know what I am destined or designed for, I just need to focus on aligning with God. Let God do the assigning. You will certainly enjoy this journey with our Lord just as I do.

Dear Archippus…
While you are waiting to discover and know your kingdom assignment, like what Elaiyarani shares, you can start with a posture to hear and obey. Start where you are. But be ready to move when the Lord says to move. 

Ps Henson writes in Alignment Check, “Whether activity or assignment, our faithfulness prepares us for the next item on God’s kingdom agenda (not ours).”

About Elaiyarani
Elaiyarani came to know the Lord when she was 19 years old and she was baptized at 26. God has been very real in her life and she uses every opportunity she has to serve God and His people. Elaiyarani enjoys this beautiful life experiencing God in amazing ways and is always ready to share her story. One of her current assignments is to write a book on her life testimony.