Archippian Stories

Archippian stories are short articles and accounts of normal Christians on kingdom assignment for Jesus. Like Archippus, these are largely unknown. From these, you will see that kingdom assignments are not confined to the walls or organised ministries of a local church. It is also not limited to a special group of believers who are spiritually superior or ‘called’ to a higher purpose.

Archippus Awakening wants to celebrate these Archippuses – successes as well as struggles – that these may be encouraged to keep keeping on for the Lord. At the same time, our prayer is that these stories will serve as practical examples of how alignment leads to assignments, what kingdom assignments may look like, and what being on assignment entails. 

Assigned at 68

In the year 2013, at 68 years of age, Sister Amara received her assignment to India. The Lord reminded her of a heartfelt desire she had expressed to Him in the year 1993. She had told the Lord she wanted to be a missionary. She marveled at God’s grace in giving her 20 years of preparation and prayers.

Take the Step and Watch God Act

God nudged Angeline to start where she was. He said, “Just ask for help and resources, and I will bring them.” She began to share in her friends’ circle her burden to see kids from low-income families acquire literacy. She asked and she received.

Andrew the Disciple

So, how would a disciple of Jesus fulfil his or her kingdom assignment? With conviction, Andrew replied that discipleship is what keeps him going on his kingdom assignment in building a community of kingdom seekers or Christ followers.

The Assignment Of Sowing Into Lives

As meaningful as my work is, I find that what makes me come most alive is the privilege of sowing into the lives of many beautiful people. I am thankful to God for His assignment that affords me the opportunity to learn from those that have gone before me, that I may better serve the youth of my generation.

Bringing Kingdom Influence Into The Media Arena

After being awakened, I had a few years of wrestling with God in the wilderness, receiving healing in many areas, and learning to adopt a heart of submission and obedience to Him. I was finally given greater clarity of my God-given assignment ... to bring kingdom influence to the social media and digital sphere.

Discerning Assignments From Activities

Today, I am growing in this aspect of saying yes to kingdom assignments and no to Christian activities. I learn to say no when taking a hobby class distracts me from my business. I learn to say no to a community service project without feeling guilty. By saying yes to what God has called me to do, I am saying no to other things that may be good things.