Archippian Stories

Archippian stories are short articles and accounts of normal Christians on kingdom assignment for Jesus. Like Archippus, these are largely unknown. From these, you will see that kingdom assignments are not confined to the walls or organised ministries of a local church. It is also not limited to a special group of believers who are spiritually superior or ‘called’ to a higher purpose.

Archippus Awakening wants to celebrate these Archippuses – successes as well as struggles – that these may be encouraged to keep keeping on for the Lord. At the same time, our prayer is that these stories will serve as practical examples of how alignment leads to assignments, what kingdom assignments may look like, and what being on assignment entails. 

Assigned at 68

Amara David: In the year 2013, at 68 years of age, Sister Amara received her assignment to India. The Lord reminded her of a heartfelt desire she had expressed to Him in the year 1993. She had told the Lord she wanted to be a missionary. She marveled at God’s grace in giving her 20 years of preparation and prayers.

Take the Step and Watch God Act

Angeline Lim: God nudged Angeline to start where she was. He said, “Just ask for help and resources, and I will bring them.” She began to share in her friends’ circle her burden to see kids from low-income families acquire literacy. She asked and she received.

Andrew the Disciple

Andrew Ong: So, how would a disciple of Jesus fulfil his or her kingdom assignment? With conviction, Andrew replied that discipleship is what keeps him going on his kingdom assignment in building a community of kingdom seekers or Christ followers.

The Assignment Of Sowing Into Lives

Wee Zi Cong: As meaningful as my work is, I find that what makes me come most alive is the privilege of sowing into the lives of many beautiful people. I am thankful to God for His assignment that affords me the opportunity to learn from those that have gone before me, that I may better serve the youth of my generation.

Bringing Kingdom Influence Into The Media Arena

Sue-Ann Tan: After being awakened, I had a few years of wrestling with God in the wilderness, receiving healing in many areas, and learning to adopt a heart of submission and obedience to Him. I was finally given greater clarity of my God-given assignment ... to bring kingdom influence to the social media and digital sphere.

Discerning Assignments From Activities

Kailin Huang: Today, I am growing in this aspect of saying yes to kingdom assignments and no to Christian activities. I learn to say no when taking a hobby class distracts me from my business. I learn to say no to a community service project without feeling guilty. By saying yes to what God has called me to do, I am saying no to other things that may be good things.

Pray For. Sow In. Show Up.

TF Lim: As Brother TF sowed faithfully in his local church, the Lord led him step by step to where he is today. Brother TF used to facilitate discipleship, spiritual giftings and Alpha sessions at his local church. He was willing to serve in any capacity he could.

At Home and on Assignment

Serene Lim: It is only upon looking back that I realized that that was the start of my awakening journey to get aligned with God so that I could be prepared to receive my assignments from Him. However, at that time, I had no idea I was being awakened, aligned or assigned

Is That All There Is to Church?

Susheel John: It was the 90s and megachurches started gaining popularity in Singapore. In my heart, however, was a growing discontent. It was a discontent regarding how the church was – not just my church, but the church in general.

Archipunk for Jesus!

Zhiwen Ng: One can easily see Zhiwen’s heart for unity in diversity. He is one Archippus who exemplifies the trait of being aware but not apathetic. He is an example of someone who is aware of the importance of seeking to understand how things are perceived ...

You Can Also Hear His Voice

Christina Wee: When God wants to get our attention, He knows exactly how. I vividly remember that day, on 2 June 2016, when I had read Isaiah chapters 26 to 28 as part of my daily Bible reading. The Holy Spirit then prompted me to read Isaiah 28 again.

A Father in the Kingdom of God

David Ang: God draws me to what draws Him when my heart aligns with Him. He draws me to the children. I found myself awakened to His heart for the many children who do not have that critical family support in their lives.

Where His Heart Beats, We Weep: His Heartbeat Project

Debbie Yow: Why am I on this kingdom assignment? He has called, and I have responded in obedience. And because every child, born and unborn, deserves a place in our Father’s house.

KINGDOM101: Kingdom Ointment for My Wounds

Daryl Chia: As I grow in understanding of the kingdom of God, I had a growing feeling of excitement in my heart that God was not just assuring me but calling me to pay very close attention to what was being proclaimed.

Reaching Out to the Geylang Girls

Debbie Zhang: That seed of compassion and burden God had planted in Debbie’s heart has taken root and Geylang Ministry has been birthed. What a journey it has been for Debbie, encompassing stories after stories of both her heartaching and heartwarming moments.

Freedom Redirected to Serve God and Others

Cary Lim: From a nobody who only knew how to make many bad and wrong choices, God has shown His faithfulness in my life by using me in His ministry, doing things I would never have dreamed of doing.

Two Women. One Heart for God’s Kingdom.

Annie & Irene: Annie served as president of WSCS (Women’s Society of Christian Services) for four years at their local church, Bedok Methodist Church, before handing the baton to Irene, the current president.

Assigned to the Frontiers

Mathews M: Witnessing a people group from the most difficult religious background calling on the name of the Jesus Christ and holding on to that Name as their only hope ... gave me much joy.

Restoring Image of Christ in Japan

Eitaro Ogawa: One night, God woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to read Ezekiel 3. I could not wait to read the chapter and as I read it, I knew that God was sending us back to Japan.

Take Risks. Step Out in Faith.

David Leong: Looking back all these years, as I trusted and obeyed God and stepped out in faith into the unknown, God has been faithful to have led me one step at a time. My assignment in Him became clear.

Seeing Motherhood With a Kingdom Perspective

Toh Siew Hoon: After seeing motherhood as a God-given kingdom assignment, my perspective changed completely. I see my children through the eyes of Jesus.

Impacting the Next Generation

Hugh Yii: “Until you have journeyed with Him, you don’t really know Him,” Hugh shared, “what you have is ‘textbook knowledge’. But when we learn to taste and see Him, His word comes alive.”

Game to Be a Bridge for Gamers

Pauline Phoon: In this marshland of gaming, Pauline clings onto and depends on God wholeheartedly. Instead of being anxious when there is sometimes no clarity in directions, Pauline always asks God to guide.

Prophetic Artists on Assignments

Daniel & Lynette Ong: Having recognised that it is not activity but assignment, Daniel and Lynette have become very intentional in saying yes to assignments that are from God.

Beyond the Books

Wendy Oh: All my valuable takeaways from MAP would not have been possible had I chosen to stop short at reading the book in the comfort of my own home. I am thankful for the like-minded kingdom connections made with MAPpers.

Anything But Aimless

Gerald Har: Kingdom work is more than just involvement in church and my own personal devotions and prayer life. Recreation can be done for the glory of God too, and that’s where the Archippus Awakening message comes through for me.

I Was Lost But Now Am Found

Fayth Wong: Going through MAP was yet another journey with God. I was constantly challenged to examine my own spiritual beliefs and realign the way I live out my faith.

God Birthed a Kingdom Assignment

Elaiyarani Subramaniam: My ears pricked. It was the year 2017 and Ps Henson, my lecturer at Tung Ling Bible School, was teaching us on “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” and I had never heard of the term “kingdom assignments”.

Awakened to God's Love

Rina Mia Lim: While Rina was pursuing answers to the Christian faith, she found the Lord’s relentless love. Two years ago, she became a Christian and since then, she has brought her friends onto the same journey of faith.

Sow On in His Kingdom

Tan Lay Leng: When I play my part, together with other awakened ones in the body of Christ, we are aligned with God’s kingdom purposes and we then move on our God-given kingdom assignments.

Kilometres for the King

Gary Lim: Since the 40 days of seeking things pertaining to the kingdom..., Gary has found his hunger for God’s Word increased. He reads Scriptures from kingdom perspectives and that has helped him to see things beyond the four walls of a church.

Constant Aligning & Refining

Lisa Leong: How critical it is to align to the heart of the King and to obey Him. I am still in the process of aligning and being refined, but I am convinced that in all I do, I want to point people to Jesus and not to a particular ministry.

Work From a Posture of Rest

Gideon Chong: With this awakening, I began to seek God in prayers. God guided me to identify clearly what I should say yes to in the area of serving Him in church and when to politely decline on roles that I know are not what God has assigned for me.

A Trial That Birthed A Kingdom Assignment

Cecilia Kong: In the many trials and challenges I had to overcome, I admit that the journey had not been easy. But I began to realize that the tests were for my refinement so that I can be shaped to the image of Christ.

Prayer Assignments Birthed in My Workplace

Poh Soon Hin: It was so easy to rely on my own strength as I moved on an assignment. Unless the Lord empowers me by His Holy Spirit, I can achieve nothing of kingdom value. His empowerment comes from working from a posture of rest.

From Retrenchment to Assignment

Gordon Goh: I learnt to obey the Spirit’s prompting and wait for His instructions and assignments. Kingdom assignments cannot be achieved through our own might or understanding, but by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.