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Being a new ministry, we know that there will be many questions about Archippus Awakening. The following may not address every concern but we sincerely hope that it will be helpful. If you need more clarification, please feel free to contact us.
Who is Archippus?
Archippus is mentioned only twice in the Bible, Col 4:17 and Philemon 2. In Archippus Awakening, he is representative of every believer who desires to know and fulfil his or her Kingdom assignment in the Lord. Read more…
What is this Awakening about?
There is a need to awaken the saints to realise that the time is short and that there is work to be done. It can no longer be church as usual. Too many are caught in the activities of the church and missing their assignments in the Kingdom. At the same time, even more are content and complacent with church attendance, rationalising that they have no part to play in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Read more…
What happens after believers are awakened?
When someone is awakened, the next question is, “How?” … How can I know my assignment? How can I be equipped to fulfil my assignment? Plans are underway to bring awakened saints through a process of equipping, training and apprenticeship so that they can in time be directed to know and fulfil their assignments.
I would like to know my assignment. Can you help me?
That’s what this ministry is all about. That said, we are not here to churn out assignments on demand. Every Kingdom assignment is to be received from the Lord Himself. We will facilitate and guide you in your walk with Jesus that you may be positioned to hear from Him in due time.
How is ‘assignment’ different from call, destiny, plan or ministry?
To many believers, the general perception is that such terms are reserved for the spiritual elites and those selected for full time ministry. As such, they automatically disqualify themselves for anything the Lord has prepared for them. An assignment, on the other hand, is easily understood. It is simply an assigned task that the believer must accomplish. Read more…
Will Archippus Awakening provide training and equipping for one to know and fulfil their assignments? If so, when and how will this take place?
Yes, this will be done under the banner of Archippus Academy. Presently, the format and curriculum is under development and will be announced in due course.
What is the aim of Archippus Awakening?
We are not satisfied  just to have someone stirred in a spiritual meeting or event. We want to serve and help as many of these know what has God prepared for them so that the same can be faithful and productive. The aim of Archippus Awakening is to see men and women of God, Archippuses, rightly placed and fulfilling their Kingdom assignments.
Is Archippus Awakening all about works? Are we not saved by grace through faith?
Archippus Awakening is about works that have been prepared beforehand for those who are saved by grace through faith. It’s never about working for our salvation but working from our salvation.
Is Archippus Awakening a church?
No, we are not a church, not in the traditional and institutional understanding, that is. That said, we seek to be a community or an assembly of like-minded Kingdom believers. Whenever we come together, it will always be to celebrate what God is doing through Archippuses wherever they are placed. Jesus will always be exalted because it is His Kingdom we seek to advance and participate in. It will be a time where Archippuses will encourage other Archippuses that we stay true to our assignments and never give up until we meet our Lord and Master.
If I identify with and participate in Archippus Awakening, do I need to leave my church?
Not at all! As already mentioned, Archippus Awakening is not a church. We believe in the local church and hence will encourage all to remain as members in their respective communities.
Are not churches and speakers already declaring a similar message? How is Archippus Awakening different?
The message is not new. In fact, it has been shared so often that it has fallen on deaf ears, hence the need for an awakening of sorts. However, although the message is readily declared, believers are usually left on their own to figure out what to do next and how to go about discovering their assignments. Present programmes are not structured to help these at all. Through Archippus Awakening, we hope to be able to fill this gap.
Is this for church leaders, those already serving, people on the pews or those who wish to be fired up to serve God?
The simple answer is ‘yes’. As long as you understand and identify yourself as an Archippus with a God-given assignment, we stand ready to serve you.
I am already serving actively in church. Is Archippus Awakening for me?
Archippus Awakening is about discerning between church activity and Kingdom assignment. Many are active but have no idea if they are indeed fulfilling their assignments in the Lord. At the end of the day, it is not busyness or involvement that matters; it’s faithfulness and fruitfulness.
How does Archippus Awakening augment or add to what the church is doing?
Archippus Awakening can and will work with churches to be that alternate voice to awaken the saints to arise to their Kingdom positions and assignments. That said, Archippus Awakening is not about raising people to fill positions in the church but to fulfil the purposes of the Kingdom.
Can churches adopt the Archippus Awakening message and principles and implement the same awakening by themselves?
Yes, but churches must be prepared to rethink and reevaluate their programmes and processes. It’s not just an awakening we are after, but an Archippus Awakening. If churches are not structured to carry this through, then all you have is a spiritual high and believers will promptly fall back asleep again.

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  1. I believe with all my heart that Archippus Awakening is timely for Christ followers in Singapore. Am looking forward to meeting up with other like minded Christians. Praise God for what He is doing through you.

    1. Thanks for the support, Lily! Covet your prayers as I seek the Lord for the next steps to take this ministry forward that it may impact lives for the Kingdom 🙂

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