Archippus Awakening’s AWE is back.

You heard the Archippus Awakening message. You are awakened. You desire to move swiftly to check your alignment towards kingdom assignments.

AWE2022 (Alignment WeekEnd) is where you need to be.

Join Henson Lim, founder of Archippus Awakening, as he zooms into the key aspects of the Alignment Check. Through 4 zoom session and 7 topics, the key focus is to understand what it means to be awakened, how to check alignment, that we may all be assigned for Jesus and His kingdom!

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Webinar Fee: S$20 per person


Singapore Time (GMT+8)

27 May Friday
8pm – 10pm
Awakening Context
Introduction to Alignment Check Framework

28 May Saturday
10am – 12nn
ALIGNMENT: Knowing the Christ
REFINEMENT: Becoming like Christ

2pm – 4pm
EMPOWERMENT: Resting in Christ

29 May Sunday
2pm – 4pm
ASSIGNMENT: Working with Christ
What’s Next: Assignment Culture

On the first day of AWE2020, sirens were already going off in my head and my heart! As I listened to Pastor Henson’s teaching, I found myself sadly misaligned from God’s will, even in the way I broached my assignments. “Is it all truly for Him, or is this all to validate my own sense of purpose?” I started questioning, “Is this why I have a tendency to take on so much?”
Rakesh Singh, Singapore

“I attended AWE2018 and AWE2020 and both times were equally impactful. I took away much. I truly feel the Archippus Awakening message is a wake-up call for slumbering Christians in this urgent hour.”
Teo Ming Hui, Singapore

“AWE2020 helped to sharpen my thinking on how to go about my own alignment and how to make key decisions for the youth ministry. It is also such a great encouragement for me to see so many fellow Archippuses who have chosen to do this alignment with God, and that I am not alone.”
Chia Wee Teck, Singapore

“Immediately after the AWE2020 weekend, I had to cope with two challenging assignments. Remembering what Pastor Henson said in AWE2020 that abilities do not dictate assignments but facilitate assignments, I became more aware of my need to learn to go about my assignments from weakness and vulnerability. I found myself consciously looking up to God for help.”
James Tan, Singapore

“As the euphoria of AWE2020 drains off, I made a resolve to hold fast to the word of God, and not fall back into slumber, keeping in mind that this webinar is an assembly area for the Lord to train me, but I ultimately have my race to run.”
Yvonne Lim, Singapore

“As Pastor Henson taught on “Empowerment”, an aspect of the Alignment Check framework that focuses on resting in Christ, I thought of how the Holy Spirit gave me a personal word to confirm my assignment six months after I obeyed Him to rest. During the circuit breaker, I spent both quality and quantity time with my daughters in their home-based learning.”
Chia Yen Yen, Singapore