The Difference Between Crossovers & Transitions

Here’s an article to encourage Archippuses desiring to be awakened, aligned and assigned. Discern the difference between cross overs and transitions. Too many are always looking for cross over after cross over, but missing the significance of knowing how to navigate and trek through transitions. The result? Misalignment and missed assignments. Praise God for cross overs. But allow the Lord to lead you through transitions and into what He has prepared for you!

One Day At A Time


If you are familiar with Christian-speak, then you would have heard of the term, CROSS OVER. Yes. It’s another one of those buzzwords we use in Christian circles.

Inspired by the biblical accounts of the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea under the leadership of Moses, or 40 years later, of them (a new generation) crossing the River Jordan, this time with Joshua, this term is filled with hope and optimism. Out of Egypt, the Israelites crossed over into freedom from slavery and a new beginning. Out of the wilderness, the nation crossed over into the promised land.

Little wonder then that we love this term and most look forward to a CROSS OVER of sorts in our own spiritual journeys. Chances are, you might have attended a camp with the theme, CROSS OVER. Or in a particular year, your church declared the theme, CROSS OVER. Or just before moving into a new building?…

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