Our Adequacy Is Found Entirely In Him

This post started out as a personal reflection that’s why I wrote it on One Day At A Time. Later, I realised that it concerns Archippus Awakening and all who consider themselves as an Archippus. Hence, I am sharing it here that it may bring a word of encouragement to those who understand the feeling of inadequacy and who might require a timely reminder that our reliance is entirely and wholly in the Lord.

One Day At A Time


Have you ever felt inadequate?

We know that as Christians, we should be the most confident people on planet earth (and some say, in the heavens too). And yet, there are times when we experience doubt. We look to men and women of faith for encouragement only to feel worse. These, we feel, are to admired and revered, but only from afar. Finally, we end up comforting ourselves by rationalising that we can’t be ones God will use. Yes, the speaker was inspirational, the anointing was strong, my heart was moved. But nah, it must have been for someone else.

Allow me to share a reflection with you:

It has been a very exciting journey for me since being led out of the institutional framework of church. That said, there have also been many moments of anxiety and doubt where I find myself questioning and rationalising. After all, who am…

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2 Replies to “Our Adequacy Is Found Entirely In Him”

  1. I’m very blessed and encouraged by your heart and transparency Ps Henson :). Ministry of the saints is a very important plan of God, even the fivefold are to support the saints; and Archippus Awakening is definitely used by God to awaken, align, and assign the saints.

    Other than Archippus, there was another person in the Bible who was only mentioned in two verses. One verse in Deborah’s song, another verse containing his story (which is only one verse long)

    “After Ehud was Shamgar son of Anath. He struck down six hundred Philistine men with an ox goad. He also saved Israel.” (‭Judges‬ ‭3‬:‭31‬ MEV)

    Although not as famous as other Bible celebrities, Shamgar was used by God mightily using an ox goad (tool of his trade)!

    Blessed and learning so much from your life 🙂

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