Another Year Is Drawing To A Close: Trekking Through Transitions

Transitions are what we must go through on the way to knowing and fulfilling our assignments. Be strong and of good courage, that you may not be derailed or distracted from what the Lord has prepared for you.

One Day At A Time

God of the Next Step

In case you haven’t noticed, we are more than halfway through the month of December. Yes, the last month of the year. And since most are caught up with Christmas festivities and holidays, it’s only a matter of time before they realise that they have run out of year.

For me, it’s been an interesting 2014. This entire year has been a year of transition … stepping down as pastor, and then as dean, developing Archippus Awakening, preaching itinerantly, living by faith all over again, not really knowing what lies ahead nor where I am going. The last phrase might sound a tad irresponsible but I assure you that my eyes are constantly fixed on the Lord for He is the One who led me out and will lead me on. Still, there are many moments of doubt, anxiety and even fear (yes, I am normal). This…

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