God Pre-Chose The Perfect Time To Encourage Me!

Today, I experienced God’s assurance and encouragement that I am not alone on this Archippus Awakening journey. He is definitely watching over me.

One Day At A Time


What I am about to share I have only read in books and heard from the testimony of others. Personally, I have never experienced this before.

After preaching at Hinghwa Methodist Church this morning, together with the honorarium, Pastor Jonathan handed me another white envelope and said, “Someone wanted me to pass this to you.” Upon reaching home, I took out this white envelope that was addressed “To: Pastor Henson Lim”. Flipping it over, I noticed a note scribbled across the back of the envelope which read:

“Matt 6:26. The Lord had told me to give this to the person who share on Matt 6:26 & I had waited for a few months. God bless!”

At first, I was taken aback by the timing. The Lord give this instruction a few months ago! And this brother patiently and obediently waited until the right time to give to the right speaker!

Then I looked at the…

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