Of Almond Trees and Trumpet Trees

This is a clear indication that Archippus Awakening is on the right track and moving with the right timing. Still basking in how the Lord graciously allowed all trees in Singapore to bloom as a prophetic sign for Archippus Awakening to be openly declared.

One Day At A Time

We all know that God’s timing is perfect. And yet, when certain events take place almost ‘coincidentally’, we are still surprised and awed by how God has orchestrated everything so wonderfully!

Allow me to share one such recent incident…

When the Lord began to reveal the next assignment to me in Oct 2013, He spoke through Jeremiah 1:11, asking me as He did Jeremiah, “Where do you see?” Jeremiah’s reply was, “I see a branch of an almond tree.” Digging a little into the significance of the almond tree, I realised that it was called the “awake” tree, the first to blossom in spring when others remained still in wintery slumber. Instinctively in my spirit, I knew that I would be involved in yet another awakening.

almond tree Picture Source: golona.blogspot.com

Six months later, after a lot more praying and processing, things are clearer now. Sensing that it is now time to share my…

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