From Cave Time to Wave Time

This post records the significance of the timing of the end of my cave time. And how this heralds the beginning of the next phase of Archippus Awakening. It is indeed exciting to see how the Lord is moving and leading. Please continue to pray for me as I develop the next steps of development for Archippus Awakening. Thank you.

One Day At A Time

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Those who have been following my blog and ministry will know that I chose to enter into a cave time of seeking the Lord sometime in January. Then, I had arbitrarily given myself a deadline of 15 April to work on my ministry manifesto. This date coincided with the appearance of the very first blood moon of the tetrad to come. I had chosen this date to remind of the urgency of the times, to keep me focussed and on track with what the Lord has given to me as an end-time assignment.

Over the weekend, I attended an awesome “Restoration of the Kingdom” conference and I learnt so much about Israel and the Kingdom; and even a precious object lesson. Through each session, I received so many things from the Lord and I began to see how my ministry fit in and how I should proceed! In my…

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