From Cafe Time To Cave Time

Cave time was essentially a time for me to put down my thoughts and ideas for Archippus Awakening. Prayerfully, this would become a ministry manifesto that would guide this new ministry in the days to come. I am in discussion with a few people if this can be reproduced as a document or a publication for easier distribution. The more the message of Archippus Awakening is shared, the more it will touch and stir hearts.

One Day At A Time

"Please, show me Your Glory!" Exodus 33:18 “Please, show me Your Glory!”

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook: “My final week of kopi catchups and yum cha sessions before entering into CAVE TIME to rest, to receive, to (w)rite and to be readied for the road ahead. #speaklordyourservanthears” And yes, I am serious about it.

As expected, many of these coffee catchup invitations came after the announcement of my stepping down as a pastor of CVCC. Indeed, each of these has been great, allowing me time to share and fellowship with dear brothers and sisters in Christ. The words of affirmation from them have been encouraging too, as are the prayers for me as I face the uncertainty of what’s ahead.

That said, the way ahead is not totally uncertain. The Lord, in instructing me to step out, may not have given me the full picture but I do have an idea of the ministry’s…

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