A New Year. A New Season. Stepping Down As Pastor.

When the Lord told me to give up my pastoral portfolio in a local church, I had no idea what He had in mind. That began my time of seeking Him for the next steps and my next assignment, resulting in Archippus Awakening mandate.

One Day At A Time

Stepping Out Prayer

When Senior Pastor announced my decision to step down as a pastor of CVCC this morning at the very first service of 2014, it probably came as a surprise or shock to many. Understandably, it is no small thing for a pastor to relinquish his position, let alone one who holds the position of Deputy Senior Pastor. I can only imagine the many questions and/or speculations in the minds of people as they process this development.

After the service, quite a few came to shake my hand, expressing their surprise and sentiments. I am thankful for these who cared enough to approach me and to clarify what stepping down as a pastor meant. I am glad I had the opportunity to share with them so that there would be as little of a chance of any misunderstanding. Even so, I am well aware that word will get round rather quickly and…

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